Last Breath

Posting the last Breathe of 2014, waving farewell to 12 months of living, leaning back before plunging in, time to ask, “What have I learned?  What was the cost in life-energy?  Was it energy well spent?” Dealing with these twisty times takes its toll. It teaches and refines our vocabulary.  It offers un-expected solace, redemption,… Read more »

Winter Solstice

On this Solstice night, Declaring winter, The year’s closing sigh relents By-gone months of Broken selves strewn Untidily in cobwebbed corners, Dreams shrugged From shoulders bowed in Disappointment and desiccated hope. Effort and agony-the excellent products. On this longest, darkest night Let us sit silent in review Lest we miss angelic, “Hurrah” For failure and… Read more »

The Stranger’s Grace

The stranger arrived five days ago. I see him stride along the storm-line Stooped and blood weary Yet resistant to surrender, Walking miles with himself Watched by those inside Warm by fires, wondering Does he want friendship? Is he hungry to be seen And sit shoulder to shoulder With us as the dogs do? He… Read more »

Preparing The Celebration

The dark life remembers What it lives without. The shadowed psyche undresses Strewing torn garments Across grass, flattened by first frost, As the bone white sliver, Pushed by damp clouds, Rises in twilight indigo. The imagination unfolds, Excited by lost affection, hapless wounds, Careless words of what we idolize And demonize, What we pray for… Read more »

Last Summer Prelude

In late August Chromatic scales slur and thrum, Ricocheting tree to tree On a million Cicada legs. The scordatura made more brilliant by Layered crescendos of Skylarking bird, and squirrel in sharp exchange…. Except at Brahma Mutra. This first light of defining silence Is the conductor’s inhale, Arms lifted, finger extends ‘Wait-Wait-Hold Now! The arm… Read more »

Full Moon Rising

The almost perfected-moon rises, Pale in late afternoon cloud Pinked with sunset’s reflection, Claiming her sky. From twilight’s descending lavender She grows dense and hard-edged, Her rabbit face pentimento revealed As Sol drops below the horizon. My almost perfected-Self Rises within Growing potent and full Despite forsaken promises Long gone dreams Dead-end journeys. Now, now… Read more »

Sol Sistere

Sol Sistere It is now Gaia’s breathless moment, The standstill hour of homage To her consort’s shortest night, When only petals, Burnt by his heat, Fall, disturbing stillness. Sol’s perfecting creates Four quadrants, four teachers, four gifts Before turning toward Winter’s underworld descent Before falling from bright Grace Before death’s introspection. T.S. was right, “Here… Read more »

Sacred Recognition

Osho wrote: “In a moment of meditation you suddenly see that you can move in two directions-either horizontal or vertical.  The vertical consists of silences, blissfulness, ecstasies, the horizontal consists of hands, work, the world.” Sacred Recognition   The western wind dropped away Carrying her last exhale out to sea Subduing blue-black chop, Prostrating cliff-grasses. Now… Read more »