A Bridge Across Forever

If I am to arc upward Spiraling toward the eternal, As archangels do, Wings curved to carry wind and stars alike. Is every effort out and up? What if the arc flows inward, archpiece of surrender, Answering uncertainty, and the unknown? How then do I take form? How shall I become if Deformed by dark… Read more »

Crescent Moon

Oh growing one, Barely here Tender as a new scar Cut by a black scythe Opening the night sky. Rise alone Silent over one Lone tree One lone watchman On the journey Filling the same promise Pushing back darkness.

Winter’s Valentine

A garden inside Rolls from deep sleep A long ago lover, Sacred to the beloved, Reaches out in green longing. Has the stone been rolled away? Is the moment ripe? “Not yet.”   “Soon” Scarcely vibrate The quivering nose, First to sense wet earth, The field of Bluettes… The perfume under supple arms  Lifted in surrender,… Read more »

Holy Ground-Holy Sky

In the sacred hour, Known to owls and the mis-begotten,  Barred doors slant open Materia Magicke seeps through. Ageless wisdom thresholds To take the hand Inward to the earth’s center. Out by the birdbath and ancient Oak. The royal sky spreads skeletal in Ice-dark diamonds. Glistening through shadows Patterned on hoar frost. Winter’s constellations; Hydra,… Read more »

Dying Lights

Liquid amber light, Fallen from trees Too full to hold Indian Yellow- Cad Red- Burnt Sienna, Quivers the air, Drawn from a sky Tumbling up from the ground Exuberance imploding Leaving life layer upon layer. Some remain. I remain Wondering Will my death to be thus? A last leaf with jewel encrusted seams sewn delicately… Read more »

The Last Stillness

The absolute stillness Fell from the sky A silken silence Parachuting over Breathless everything Opening the door To summer’s truest moment, Ripe. engorged At tipping point Standstill before death. Because I stopped She shuddered Revealing her timeless land, Wrapping her color Around my naked eyes, Scenting my skin in green heat Nudging my quivering body… Read more »

Dog Days

Dog Days Floating in the still, dark pond Summer stars drop from the sky Liquid bodies circle, touch, and glide Permeable frog-skins Opening to moonlight, Scented in weight of poisonous Brugmansa. Sirius, Leo, Cassiopeia, Heavenly bodies Circle liquid space Reflecting one another Equally profound and beautiful Universe within universe Resonating wonder.

Torpid Heat

Torpid Heat Lying heat-burned under stars Blazing a blue night sky Smells enter the lizard brain, Limbic pleasure centered within Rose, wisteria, gardenia, Scented layers Circling the darkness Return memory of summer nights When 16 was everything, Is everything searing First date, the over-big corsage, and ‘I’m sorry I hurt you’ bouquet. Ancient memory-lizard memory… Read more »