Questioning the Light

Dreams lie unspent behind sight Too dim for visions Not yet visible, For eyes hooded by Silver shadows of the moon. We lie in wait To sabotage the day, Consuming only golden apples of the sun, Mistrusting rainbow hues. As dutiful soldiers overlooking orders, “Eyes dead ahead, attach bayonets!” Will we surrender the saber To… Read more »

Bone Light

Before it falls into night shades The light lies cold-sucked, desiccated Of every color-cell but bone. marrow light Insists the inner odyssey Five senses paralyzed Allow only the barren, Skeletal on the horizon Withstanding loneliness. Rumi would say, “I am here.”

Thanksgiving Sky

Night falls fast over A rising cup of Crescent Moon Snugged behind blind clouds, Stealing her silver coin As they cross her face Reminding me, reminding me. Freely she proffers Grace against November chill, The lengthening dark, the silence, the weight, Patterns of lonliness. Every gift given, she lifts Unencumbered, into stars, through Milky Way…. Read more »

The Great Oak

When the cold rules I lean skeletal against skies sullen in wetness. I have gone under, within the marrow, Where the great heart rules, Pulled from the ground before freezing To fill out the form of life to come, Not to defeat the dying, Or what others say of shape-shifting For my shape is source,… Read more »

I Believe In The Moon

I believe in the moon, her palette of stars her cycles of light. The day consumes and burns But in the night I turn myself To the heavens of her still-peace, Her rabbit face of gold and silver Set in the amethyst sky. Her changes-only fodder In becoming potent, feminine, radiant. More lovely than Ariadne,… Read more »

Gimme Fever

Torpid heat closes Buddha’s eyes, His immutability facing mine. Our low force of gravity matching, Inscrutable selves fleshed-out In long grasses. Only breath shuttles between Back and forth prayers Asking release, Wishing wings, not weight Not the dense, hopeless wasteland Of unalterable law Unanswered desire. Rather, redemption In wings of dragonfly/butterfly/moth. The Red Hawk’s scream… Read more »

What We Can’t Know Calls Us

The Sea, in sonorous mantras of surf Repeating its curl and heave, curl and heave Slushes gold along tide lines, Strafed in sand dollars. Flatulent smells of warm seaweed, Wet, then dry, and wet again, Surprise the nose as winds shift, Strands drag silky against skin, Sensuous and creepy, Octopus legs wrapping ankles. Botticelli’s Venus… Read more »

Time After Time

Your life, left out in the rain, rises from green folds, Dropping memories, sodden shirts, and ties Across the garden, Planting them selves the moment they are forgotten. Returning as quiet secrets. Did I wait for you thus Once in WW II? I called you in from the rain that night Bombs fell, and stars… Read more »