Giving Birth

Cradled in winter’s cold Nine months she’s dreamed this hour Waiting warmth Loins opening to green shoots. Snowdrops crowning crusted snows. Soon, the fertile womb surrenders Daffodil, Forsythia, Pear, Tulip, Greedily forcing life from the dark mother. Tiny, mewling cries rise and fall Minute featherd bird-babies Lie upon her fecund belly, gasping first breath. In… Read more »

Call Me Foolish

When I cease to be a fool, hang me by my ears Until a giggle sputters forth to challenge woeful tears. If I stop all silly sounding vowels and verbs, Have the bloody pen run dry… I’ll sit in ashes on the porch where boredom waits along with port And pontificating lies. Oh Lordy Lord,… Read more »

Mishapen Hearts

I watched you break last week. He said, “See Ya.” You cried, “Call me.” You stand waiting, hope frozen On memory’s landscape. Mis-shapen heart of cracks and skews How the light comes streaming through. Today, this out of blue-day They said, “See you, Services no longer required.” I watched you crumble Eight years of head-long… Read more »

Seed Pods

Hooded Winged-0nes– Seed Pods of desire, Replete in breath and bone, Return to Self. Remember. How came you here? What sinew opened wings Then plummeted toward grime and ash? Lift off, rise against Weight, odds, parsimony. Release old dreams Barren landscapes, skewed passion. Remember far away galaxies Return and drink again Of wine and water… Read more »

Journey North

White Birch lie boned-out Bleak and naked against the fretful sky, Or, is that my narrow eye Believing them defenseless Not content or warm within? Limbs silhouette early twilight Dusted in first snow— Debutantes waltzing in white Full of every promise. Does my view affect them, As beholding me changes you? Their skeletal branches Reach… Read more »

To Reach Another Shore

(You can sing this old timey rhyme to a rousing marching-rhythm, which feeds the heart, moves us out of fear, & leads onward in courage.) How do we then cross over Leave behind known shore Decide to walk on water Abandon shallow shoals? When our lover lies in danger And we’re running out of time… Read more »

Harvest Moon

Harvest Moon The moon made the sky round Then plummeted down Through inky blackness, Over streams of geese, Shredding vaporous cloud. She stopped We rose, Hand in hand, Toward her standstill light. Two shadows lifting off the hill, Chagall’s night lovers, Rising on dreams Suspended in longing From many moons attended Waiting harvest Coming this… Read more »

Walking Hand In Hand

We walk hand in hand Facing forward into leaf-dappled sunlight Straight from last night’s slivery silver sun-straffed moon. In between we dreamed This is the dream. This hand in hand hour seen Precious, shimmering, passing. A morning’s ephemeral mist, A breathless breath rising Here and gone. “Only a dream,” we say Except, we held hands,… Read more »