Harvesting Dreams

Harvesting Dreams When the lay of the land lies ripe, Pendulous the moon, Delicious golden weight. Journey from dark birth Headlong toward the Grail Daughter of darkness/daughter of light Hanging horizonless Reflected Consort to her mate His light, her soul. She ripples the blue-black vastness Covering fields, orchards, forest, pasture Making sacred, wheat, corn, apple,… Read more »

Firefly Memories

Burnt by the sun Summer’s long days pull like taffy From childhood eyes. Womb return to lemonade Steaming pavements, hoses, and wild cries. Tree Frogs burp, exciting the dark. Sounds of far off waves move in When we lie in light long after bedtime. Dreaming with eyes wide open–memories Caught in a firefly net of… Read more »

Night Moves

Tender is the night Soaked in August heat Oven-baked-day leftovers Bodies soft and bendy. Darkness swallows Noon’s acrid burn, A sensuous descent Of thought melting into midnight air Bones disappearing Skin surrendered to touch. Scent of dripping Brugmansa, Perfumed, poisonous, gold-orbed, Magic alive and well Settling deep in the nostrils. Possibility enters I am already… Read more »