Melt Down

This is a March for the record books.  This is a month we usually try and high step through sleet, mud, and relentless frozen landscape. It is a tippy time of chaotic polarities, weather and otherwise.  Bodies, like the earth, are bursting with a spring desire that cannot yet be expressed.  In warmer climes, where… Read more »

A Divining GPS

Pulled inexorably into life, we cry and yearn for the womb.  Yanked unceremoniously into death, we hunger for life.  Between these two polarities lies the DNA of every subsequent face-off.  In the first polarities of inhaling and exhaling lies opportunity for renewal, vision, and reconciliation of opposites.  You’d think by now we might have learned… Read more »

Namaste Full Moon

Partnering is about creating trust and compassion.  It is about learning where we are trustworthy, and where we are not.  It is about letting the flow of life move through us to another, and back, becoming aware when and where energy is blocked.  Partnering is symbolically a Full Moon event, a face off in the… Read more »

Astrology & Yoga of Transformation: Full Moon Heralds Winter Solstice

This full Moon in Gemini-Sagittarius offers many opportunities for communication, curiosity, and questioning, bringing home gifts of initiation and knowledge -if we have been paying attention. The sun stands only 2 degrees from the Galactic Center, a super massive Black Hole at the heart of our Milky Way Galaxy.  This Galactic Center transmits massive electromagnetic… Read more »


The Autumn Equinox is one of the four potent crossroads in the year’s cycle. Many cultures through time have marked these four quadrant turnings with prayer, ceremony, and celebration. They symbolize gateways in the relationship of light and dark, spirit and matter, outer and inner life. These moments when the world stops to shift, offer… Read more »

Truth & Lies

Finding the truth is much like finding Nemo.  The cartoon film revels in facts of life, seen as a fish tale, revealing truth through laughter.  We are shown that the Self we hope to be, and truths we must comprehend are as much the work of imagination and intuition as they are of reality and… Read more »

Alchemical Lives

If we are to live, we are to be blown off course.  It is the willy-nillyness of the blow that calls spirit down off its high horse in the high heavens so that we learn to wallow.  It is in those dark hours, as we perch precariously between the moat of crocodiles and a fire… Read more »

Dancing Heaven & Hell

The muchness of who we are is created from a dynamic dance born of the resonance of 10,000 polarities.  As these polarities flow and ebb, they teach the difficult steps required to execute this dance. When lucky enough, we then perform it with full heart and flying feet. The dance states that if we only… Read more »