The Sacred Now

Now is the time to know that all you do is sacred.  In late 1300, Hafiz wrote the poem, Now Is The Time.  His words remain resonant in 2015; an ancient call to arms reinstating what is always needed, and has always been true.  There is never a better now to expand consciousness and consecrate… Read more »

As Are You to Me

A short while ago, I oddly chose a song to not only close Yoga classes, but make everyone sing along.  I wasn’t sure why, or why that song.  Beautiful as it is, it’s not an easy sing.  But honoring the feeling of rightness, I rallied on.  Weeks later, I now know why.  It is a… Read more »

Namaste Full Moon

Partnering is about creating trust and compassion.  It is about learning where we are trustworthy, and where we are not.  It is about letting the flow of life move through us to another, and back, becoming aware when and where energy is blocked.  Partnering is symbolically a Full Moon event, a face off in the… Read more »

All Hallowed Heavens

As this is a very magical day, make opportunity to take to the mat to revamp and renew.  Ask, “What is the Practice that serves me in bringing 2013 to strong closure?” What Pranayama will help break stagnant habits? Where within favorite poses can I challenge my body? How does this Shakti Yoga Dance move… Read more »

Resilient Hearts

A Yoga Practice asks over and over that we grow the muscle of  ‘compassionate observer.’ There are other practices, completely off the mat that offer, and encourage this resilient growth. The one I encountered last weekend was ‘on the boards.’  It surprised me that sitting in a dark theater became a great Practice. Observing actors inhabit… Read more »

The Book of Earth

The Book of Earth decrees-no death, only translation, and transmutation of dark and light; observer and observed trading visions; body and mind growing soul.  The Book of Earth begs renewal at every turn.  How can death be different?  The gravitas of Earth balances dreams and imagination lifting life onward. Death is ‘the triple’ we accomplish… Read more »

Walk On The Wild Side

It’s odd.  As life grows ever more bumptious, and out of control, there are fewer and fewer wild places in the world. The garden is not wild, unless it is wild with weeds, and one can’t consider garden’s wild anyway.  Daily life is driven, but it is not wild unless we are living in Syria,… Read more »

Fingering Secrets

Hands are magical instruments; multi faceted, powerful, tender, destructive. They can be gnarly, spatulate, pudgy, delicate.  The fingers, as emissaries, touch the world, bringing back thousands of impressions full of information.  Brains are activated and trained by working with fingertips, especially during childhood. Hands and feet possess abundant nerve supplies which light up large areas… Read more »