Ritual & Celebration

Creating Magic

Come to the mirror of sacred imagination, Stand close to yourself, Palms open, listen, wait First notes reflect the spirit.  You brought your anger and sorrow Now, dance upon them Allow darkness to reveal the new dream Call this to spiral, rise, and twist within Descend and root in solace Emerge from grief. Blow last… Read more »

The Magic Hour

I began this year writing of Wizards and magical mastery.  Oddly, I close the year in similar fashion. This time, the magic was not intended, but random…or fated if you consider its birthing.  Perhaps the fated aspect came from having grown Wizard roots these past months in order to appreciate and connect to haphazard mysteries?… Read more »

Preparing The Equinox Table

Preparing for the equinox, like designing a tablescape, offers an opportunity to re-set the imagination. When we set a table to celebrate, we lay out the best, designing alignments from highest vibrational desires. We hope to integrate and navigate the celebration with judicious use of memories from past experience, a creative intellect, and good gut intuition.

Of Thee I Sing

The relevance of this ‘To thee I Sing-Day’ drowned out in honky-tonk cacophonies of slide guitar, fife and drum.

Pagan Bones

Dance through a new door at Summer Solstice. Let this crossroads offer an unusual opportunity.

Happy New Year!

Today is The Astrological New Year-The Vernal Equinox.  This is a powerful day in the Astrological calendar for it offers- yet again another chance to begin.  This time from the opening degree of Aires, with its fiery ruler Mars booting us up and out.  We can use its take-charge impetus to force new seed, new… Read more »

Becoming Wizards

What do I want in this coming year?  Who shall I become?  How shall I pass through the eye of this needle?  How do I face the storms of my fear? What magic elixir is at hand to help? The Year of 2014 opens with a New Moon in Capricorn.  It is not the only… Read more »