Partnering Prana

We are at home, happier, more expansive when invited to the party. Prana is the same. This energy, or life force is pervasive. It is source material. But when we beckon it to connect to breath with awareness and meaning, we make the party come alive.

On The Road Again

Have you, like Willie, been itching to ‘get on the road again?’ Is the uncertainty, at best, and terror, at worst enough to make you press petal to motivational-metal and roar off toward new horizons? Is the inner emotional current growing such an insistently high decibel that you feel something within about to give way…the… Read more »

Barn’s Burned Down, Now I Can See the Moon

If after tragedy we step out under the stars and actually look at the moon, we shall survive the tragedy in good form. If after profound loss we feel a new life growing somewhere within, then the good guys win. When we can move beyond the burned barn that housed our stuff, our beautiful stuff,… Read more »

Angels All

Today is the anniversary of the death of the woman who gave me a second life, Helen Rosenstock. Because I am a late bloomer, she entered my life late, when I was finally ready for her vision, her tools of a transformative baptism. The person you know as Samantha, is not the person I started… Read more »

Trash Talking ~ Stories, Lies, and Myths

Last week I heard myself trash talking.  It was sarcastic and funny, but hurtful.  If I had been talking about a friend, I would not have wanted them to hear.  This was not about a friend.  The trash was about me.  Once again I had found a sneaky way to open a well-worn scab, gouged… Read more »

Visionary Shakti

The world is always asking we become visionaries, never more so than now.  To create visions we must stop, take time, and offer space for them to unfold.  They hold more power when we become clear, when we are willing to be a visionary creative force.  Visions prefer anointing those who embody the dictates of… Read more »

Crossroads & Intersections

Opening a New Year is a visible intersection between past and future. Other junctures are trickier, more difficult to see and identify. It is usually 20-20 hindsight that shows a roadmap revealing the crossroads.  When beginning any new cycle, it’s a good practice to stand still, even better, lean back, open up a big map… Read more »

The Magic Hour

I began this year writing of Wizards and magical mastery.  Oddly, I close the year in similar fashion. This time, the magic was not intended, but random…or fated if you consider its birthing.  Perhaps the fated aspect came from having grown Wizard roots these past months in order to appreciate and connect to haphazard mysteries?… Read more »