Full Moon At Dusk

Her imponderable weight rises

Caught by skeletal spring branches

Of the neighbor’s pear tree,

 Momentarily enmeshed

In tiny nets of unfurled bud.

She hangs- dropping gold.

Lighter, she lifts silvery

Full-orbed, pendulous

Breasts and belly wrapped

In sheets of silent silk.

Her honeyed sheen dazzling

The night sky

 Blazing a trail for other galaxies.

Resplendent, radiant, rutilant,

Equal consort to the Sun.

She surrenders herself to earth

Gathering the lost.

Her turning reaches dark corners,

Shadowed lives of the un-forgiven

Now carry her light.



*NB  Note that this Saturday’s single class at 8:30 AM will shake and bake under the Full Moon -with ritual, dance, howling and chocolate. A time to welcome spring in all her manifestations and celebrations.


Planetary Energies

You are howling-aren’t you?  Full Moon rising as I write.  Remember, they often complete un-finished business by bringing to light a new understanding of un-answered questions. I remind you that this is a Super Full Moon, packing a larger punch for the earth, for all things watery, such as tides, and bodies.   The dynamic bickering and mishaps of the past two weeks, many having to do with relationship, will grow clearer.  The Moon-Sun face off in Libra-Aires is about the other in relation to self.  Have you noticed lately the high emotional content of many contacts? Now we can perceive subconscious energies we’ve been dealing with, usually, old family patterns.  Time for setting new boundaries, along with greater forgiveness-usually for self, if not others.

Reminders that this spring is especially spicy, with fundamental changes demanded of all of us.  We are re-looking at-  ‘what must I do to build a better mouse trap?’  Help arrived with Mercury going direct on the 4th, but Pluto retrogrades Tues. 10th.  Mars remains ‘backward’ until the 14,th soooo, continue paying greater attention to your body, anger, drive and commitments. A ‘backward’ Saturn, on-going in Libra, asks we re-shape and re-commit, or not, to ALL relationships.


Helpful Tools for this Oohhh LaLa Week ahead.

*Standing poses build strength and alignment for better boundary-setting.

*Practicing open-chested poses such as: Fish/Matsyasana, Camel/Ustrasana, and backbends/Urdhva Dhanurasana prepare the body to be open-hearted.

*Standing under the Full Moon, soaking in her golden, silky, light can be life changing.  Listening to the night’s silence, then lifting back your head to open your throat and howl, produces miracles of delight.

*Sitting still long enough to listen to the even breathing, the inhale and exhale of the simplicity and grandeur of life, supports a healthy nervous system, calms tension and anger.

If you wish short, Astrological bites during the week, go to Samantha Cameron/YogaWoman on facebook.  For deeper Astrological knowledge go here for a good earful: Rich Humbert at www.celestialweather.com



I love this poem. Reading it brought tears to my eyes. You paint beautiful pictures with your words.

dottie Thomas

I also LoVE this poem. The emotion and the rendition are stirring and full of beauty. What gift you have my Carling! your moon child


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