I SING OF THEE July Blessing

Though loss and shame have me weep

Of my ain country so deep asleep,

Turned now from hope that forged her birth.

When dreamers, worn, and wearied ones

Sailed to Lady Liberty,

Her torch high for them to be

 Free at last, free at last. Oh my god, free at last!

Now, this death, this rotting stink

Of who we are and how we think

We’ve lost the way, the compass thrown.

Foul carcasses are strewn

Across this land that I did pledge my allegiance to the flag

To the United Sated of America

This beautiful for spacious skies, her amber waves of grain,

Her purple mountain’s majesty, above the fruited plain.

Her heart feels gone. The way forlorn,

Her myth of harmonies I mourn.

Was it all a fairy tale~ Or, did we once

 Hum with harmony?

Sing lonesome cowboy soliloquy,

And Blues born of blues and broken bones,

Allegany fiddle tunes, and Cajun BeauSoleil.

No tyrant lies, or allegiances of greed

Can still my voice, or drown the need

To sing of thee.To sing of thee. To sing of thee.

Come, stalwart hearts

Redeem our song,

And bless the bread we once broke,

The hands that reached across the sea,

The glass that’s shared this day with thee.


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