La Langueur

Last week’s Breath was for singing out, FaSoLa style-strong and sure.  This week is for speaking bad French and slouching.

La Langueur

Summer is for speaking French

When long syllables sweetly pull and push

The warm taffy of succulent sound

 Pouting around soft lips,

Word-bits to be kissed off.

Even bad French is good French in July.

Slouched against a green door jamb,

With half-closed eyes you say only, “Oui,”

An aperitif to hand

Flowers trailing from your hair.

Only in warm, liquid langueur are we this sexy

Redolente, epanui, réussi.

Doing nothing….absolutment rien,

L’ agente provocante

Of remarkable nonchalance.





Astrological Energies

July energies continue shape-shifting our points of view. We are turning inward in order to find a better way out into the world- as more fully realized humans. 
Mercury continues retrograde, (along with Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto) so repeat, and triple check the important stuff.  Confusion, mis-interpretation, and accidents are ours for the asking. When you can, pull back, take time out, be French. When Mercury goes direct, August 8, we shall again take up the flag of revolutionary activity in pursuit of meaningful change. (Symbolized by the extreme forces of Pluto and Uranus squaring off.  Their energy is fading a bit but still active.)


Yoga Toolbox for Transformation-  What we do on the mat changes the river of our daily life.

If you possibly can, lie on your mat, under a tree, and wrap your lips around a few succulent French words, along with a peach, and then hope you are kissed…perhaps by Spirit, if not your dog.

Remember summer is Pitta Dosha, check the website info under Ayurvedic to review all things of Pitta pertinence.  Essentially, use the Retrograde Mercury to pull back and float, don’t push forward now.  Keep a quiet Practice of -perhaps more Yin poses.

Find a Yoga Nidra class, there’s a wonderful one at Laughing Dog Monday nights 7:00 PM.  Let your imagination lead you forward.  Learn to become the aware witness of your life.


Jennifer Cooper

Recently in class, your gaze swept the room, you smiled and said one word…”stunning.” We paused in our poses and drank it in…your praise, the elation, the moment. Each of us felt stunning if only for a moment. Last week, I watched you and thought “stunning.” Today, I’m reading Daily Breath, and once again the word “stunning” comes to mind. And it occurs to me….we are all stunning….And you bring it forth in each of us. xoxo


Well, you are stunning, and as much as I love to lie, I never lie about something that important. Thank you for the acknowledgment- as I do love to poke and prod to bring out the light in everyone. It’s actually as much fun as speaking bad French.


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