Namaste Full Moon

Partnering is about creating trust and compassion.  It is about learning where we are trustworthy, and where we are not.  It is about letting the flow of life move through us to another, and back, becoming aware when and where energy is blocked.  Partnering is symbolically a Full Moon event, a face off in the night sky as well as a face off between masculine-Sun and feminine-Moon. This Valentine Full Moon is a synchronous gift of the heavens, for the Sun in Aquarius enlightening the higher mind, shows off the Moon in Leo to the night sky.  Leo is the signature of the physical heart.  It seems ‘Ma Nature’ is trying to tell us something.

In describing the spiritual task of Aquarius, Stephanie Austin* refers to the Zulu word Ubuntu as ‘humanness.’  ‘Desmond Tutu said that… ‘Ubuntu speaks about wholeness, it speaks about compassion.  A person with Ubuntu is welcoming, warm and generous, willing to share.’  This Valentine Full Moon asks for our Ubuntu. It lights the way to be compassionate mat-mates, and trust-worthy companions.  It holds out hope we stand in greater self-acceptance and honesty, letting go a bit of control.  As dependence increases, bodies move from competition to collaboration.  We learn that if we are to be safe, we must keep each other safe. Partnering is not only a fun and funny Practice but a profound one.  As two breaths become one, and we move in sync, supporting one another in surprising ways, we feel ourselves transforming  (* Mt. Astrologer 2-3, 2014.)

As an energetic sign post of 2014, this Full Moon points to cosmic forces ramping up, demanding we risk to share more of our valuable, vulnerable hearts….and on Valentines, no less. It asks we put our unique individuality toward partnering community. This Namaste Full Moon says, ‘honor one other’s light, acknowledge-‘I am you.’

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