Mystery Of The Heart

                                   In August heat

Petals of the rose unfurl

Revealing divinity.

Wonder and splendor grow

From wet, dark dirt,

Rooted in earth’s grief and loss,

Releasing wild perfumes

Of soulful flowering.

However lost, whatever the folly,

Grow the rose heart, 

Omnipotence made manifest.

You are the gardener!

At every turn Remember this.

Cultivate the mystery of

Being love.

Astrology and Yoga of Transformation




 Tomorrow’s New Moon is perfect for creating a Thanksgiving tablescape of loving opportunity. It’s Sagittarian birth offers planetary support for a cycle of hope, abundance, and unexpected surprises.Take a moment to catch your breath to feel all the blessings flowing through your life.

  • The Thanksgiving table is also more beautiful than usual as Neptune is at a dead stop, making its mystical, inspirational vibe strongest. As we move into this new cycle, know there is confusion but also a luminous spirit. May we fill ourselves with a magical spirit-filled charisma!

Appreciate the complexity and use of polarities: Bright, expansive joyful Sagittarius A fire sign Sun with a last taste of Venus in Sag, counterbalance tough, do diligence earthy Saturn, and Pluto in Capricorn …with a pushy Scorpio Mars that insists!

  • A window of evolutionary change is upon us. Don’t let the insidious overwhelm. Use polarities with consciousness. Call up alchemical solutions to support your nest step.



When you sit across the Thanksgiving table from Uncle Frank, who voted for Trump, promise yourself to listen to his story,’ to ask how and why, and what now? A New Moon birth is an opportunity to stop, savor, reconsider, and ask what do we wish as we head down this new birth canal? What beliefs am I willing to leave behind? We are in an apocalyptic time. A time when we need to reach out, cross barriers to gather in, and gather together. Andrew Harvey’s words remind us of the innate polarity resident in ‘apocalypse.’ “The word “apocalypse” means both destruction and revelation. The central mystery of our time is that its massive destructiveness is potentially the birth canal for a whole new kind of embodied divine humanity… capable of miraculous new powers of co-creation with the Divine.”

Polarities challenge. Often part of us wishes to be seen and thrust forward, while another prefers to be hidden in the shadows. Unconscious fears hold back our light, fearing the high beam of power we might shed if we were to risk stepping out of safe shadows. Having basked under the Galactic Center’s connection to Jupiter, (read last week) our job now is to maintain that thrust. Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn are tough masters, but their gifts include shouldering greater responsibility, becoming better craftsmen, and more artfully-masterful. This in an opportunity to change our vibration by growing more conscious.

Planetary structures offer support to use daily tools that engage the inner life: Becoming more mindful; Listening to intuition; Taking time to be quiet in nature; Simply being still to listen; Spending time with loved ones; Caring for a stranger; Singing and dancing. The zeitgeist of world politics is confusion, loss, and fear. In polarity to the dying world of autocrats and their misuse of power, the more we must grow joyful hearts, and compassionate minds.

The New Moon connection to Uranus, wild child of the zodiac, not only supports growth consciousness, but prods alternative view points, and intuitive planning. The New Moon births Sagittarian optimism and a higher perspective especially so as it resides alongside the asteroid Pallas Athene, the wisdom goddess, who embodies both divine will, and thought.

This Thanksgiving, create beautiful blessings for one another, most especially for yourself. With Mercury in a trine -‘waltz’ with incandescent Neptune, stand hand in hand to sing old song.. Feel storms and regrets of the past wash away so that you now turn toward a future with a new heart, becoming the magician-poet of a magical life.                                           May you dance your grace, and sing your heart-song. Blessings of peace and joy.  

THIS WEEK’S PRACTICE: Rest, restore, reinvigorate from a perspective of abundance. Take time out to be still and listen to your breath, light up your Third eye with peace and a quiet joy. Sit with the Lotus mudra at your heart and plant New Moon seeds of sublime intention that expansively carry you through the remainder of 2019. If you wish a physical practice, do so from the standpoint of being a master/mistress craftsman. Consciously connect with mindfulness to beauty and creativity, and heal what hurts. 

YOUR BIRTHDAY WEEK: A New Moon week offers you Sagittarius- celebrants one of the things you love the most, a wonderful beginning, a new spark to the journey. This year promises to hold greater abundance, creativity and spirit, and as you know, your gratitude unlocks all gifts three-fold. May both your Thanksgiving, and your birthday feasts turn your year into a movable feast of gifts that fill your every day with a radiant joy!



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