Moral Moonlight

Sometimes we see our life not by how close we are to it, in it…as it were, but by moving away from the center, as in taking a vacation, or being sick, perhaps even entering the oh so foreign territory of being on our dying journey. Sometimes just the change in language reveals us to ourselves differently via uncomfortable syntax, weird rhythms and verbal structures, or the vegetation, food, and them ‘ferreign ones’ reveal our facets through unconscious, mysterious light. If we are not ‘this’ –are we ‘that’?

In the absence of titles, homes, and friendly connections, what persona emerges? What happens to our sentimental, deeply personal ‘me’ when leaving the large land mass of the US of A, or are thrust into the misbegotten jungle of a hospital? The rich, imperialist voice that is an echo of every American passport, like it or not, has some bearing on how we view the world, and it sees us.

When en vacance, or leaving our known body in some way, we are offered a different light, and if only because we are further away from blind observations of idiosyncratic, quotidian patterns our eyes open wider. Light seems to illuminate the small more easily than the large. Or perhaps the inconsequential becomes more notable, our cocooned lives more vibrant, simply through any change in light….we shine and shadow differently.

Some of the difficulty in seeing our big, sassy, American lives is to not become judgmental, for then all chance of really observing via a new moral moonlight disappears. Seeing only our loud faults of greed and assumptive imperialism do not let us change from being only that. If we are not ‘that’ then what do we offer? Are we ‘this?’ How do we take more than smothered ashes of our grandiosity to any ferreign shores? Do we have an image we then attempt to fulfill? Or, do we drive out blind like the bear who went over the mountain, ‘to see what he could see’? Should we be comparing? Adjusting? How much? Is it more graceful to be in a meditative state of oneness in order for the senses to ignite? What most sharpens the eye, ear, tongue? How to keep the heart open?

However I choose to travel, car, plane, bed, I hope to remain prismatic, allowing light from every quarter to suffuse my core, the difficult and sad as well as the gladsome and magical. I hope to remain open to not only who I am, but to seeing the possibility of my best Self dance under, and with, and through many moonlit moments, moral or not.

Asana: Adho Mukha Vrksasana/Handstand. Place the hands @ a foot from the wall, keep palms the width of the shoulders, kick the legs up one at a time, keeping them straight, and connecting the lift from the toes to the abdominals. Once safely upside down, drop the head, lengthen the lower back by continuing to pull the abs up, and move your energy into your fingers, not the wrist. Attempt bringing one foot off the wall, then the other, play, and enjoy your very different POV.

Health Notes: The Pose strengthens wrists, arms and shoulders, connects leg work to abdominal strength, bathes the brain in more blood, stimulating the mind, and gives an over all spark, and harmony to the body. Remember, if you’re depressed, go upside down, and if you can ‘play’ at it, so much the better.

N.B. This Daily Breath was inspired in reading Adam Gopnik’s, “Paris to The Moon,” in the week spent driving around the Dominican Republic.

Astrology and Yoga of Transformation




Lunar Eclipse squaring off with the ‘Red Planet,’ Mars


  • A The jazziest June-tune is the trombone and bass drum highlight of ‘Eclipse season’. The first arrives Friday, June 5, the second follows on June 21, at the Summer Solstice. Solsterre means ‘earth standing still,’ but we may be in a high hot shimmy (kettle drums, please) as the Eclipse enters this sacred time zone. The third shake up comes July 4-5, and will ‘speak’ of American birth-energies, possibly offering information on upcoming Nov. election?

B Venus Retrograde, is a ‘housecleaning of the heart’ which resounds in harmonic highs and lows. With Venus, Sun, and Nodal Axis* in Gemini, we are speaking, feeling, and leading from a signature of communication and information. It’s an exceptional time to connect heart to mouth. (*Nodal information:…memory-may-24-31/)

C More shuffling of the deck and tuning of instruments! Prepare now for Mercury’s three week Retrograde in Cancer, beginning the 17th, followed by Neptune Retrograde on the 23rd. These keep the force field in active change as Venus moves forward on the 25th.

D The ongoing tune of “When will it end” hits high notes pertinent in Covid’s-complicated Symphony. We continue hearing of: structural changes, submission, new boundaries, consequences, lessons, deep state fears, opportunities, and fiscal mayhem. A catchy tune for sure!


Along with the high twitch and switch of Eclipse Season, it’s important to remember heart and mouth are connected, making it also a season of reconciliation, reassessment, resolved inner conflicts, sibling connections, and inter-racial awareness. We may be offered moments of grace when deep insights occur; usually not through worrying things to death, rather from moments of synchronicity and self-reflection. Whenever Venus retrogrades, she takes us back in time, not to pick the scab off old emotional wounds, but to see our part in the wounding, and take proactive approaches toward healing. Last week, an Astrology client asked me for books I had found helpful on my healing journey, so for any of you interested in re-examining Self, I listed several old and new helpful reads. See below.

In June’s opening notes, we already hear the shake, rattle and roll of turn-around re-directs, and collective creativity. Personally, there is opportunity to push beyond where we’ve been, re-assess boundaries, and re-establish a greater vision. If and when our caution balances optimism, we foster compassionate responsibility and move forward. Friday’s Lunar Eclipse at 15 Sagittarius, squaring warrior Mars, is an event where we really need to pay attention to personal balance and boundaries. If you have not noticed? Our world has filled with volatility and righteous indignation. We need to demonstrate with anger, and push back against abuse of power. We also need to delineate correct boundaries. 2020 has been filled, and will continue to fill, with layers of power/control abuse. Our job is to stand against it, and not accept top-down dictatorship against compassionate right action. This Eclipse in the territory of ideas, communication and education, and fires up the difference between opinionated lies and inner truth. Think about the destiny you wish to fulfill!

With Mercury’s Retrograde on the 17th, life will once again turn inward to re-asses options.  Because Mercury is in Cancer, we are turning in to a watery, emotional soup of home, family, and country.  As you know, with Mercury already slowing down, prepare now by signing important papers, especially anything involving home and or family.  Back up all technology.  It’s wise to do this around Eclipse seasons since the electro magnetic field is disturbed and technology takes a beating.  ( can hardly wait to see what happens to all the Zooming.)  Consider how you want to manifest visions, how you choose to speak of the virus, what thoughts do more harm than good, how you wish to move forward, and in what way you want our country to survive.  It’s more important than ever we not lie under the unctuous orange pumpkin. It is time to take a stand for all we hold dear, AND take action!  Retrogrades offer reflective time to arrive at better solutions.

There is a US Pluto Return as the planet comes back to ‘home ground’ in the chart of this country. We are a Cancer Sun with Sagittarius rising, by most accounts. Our Moon is in Aquarius, ‘of the people,’ and Pluto was in Capricorn in 1796, where we presently have three planets lining up with the American natal Pluto. They are all in the country’s second house of values, money, and relationship. Pluto is a profoundly emotional ruler of virus’, death, sex, and abuse and use of power. He is a master we cannot go around, ignore, or hope will go away. When Pluto is in charge, we will cry. We learn to kneel in surrender and kiss the ground. Even better, we shall lay out on the stone cold ground in total submission, and die to the old. Then and only then can we begin to work through his enormous, transformative, trans-mutative powers that rule all of 2020.


YOUR BIRTHDAY WEEK: If you’re not a true warrior at the end of this birthday year, then it’s hat-eating time. Clearly, you grow ever more certain of who you wish to be. We may be in uncertain times, but as you proceed, your sense of Soul-Self is rising and regenerating a new life, and the lives of those about you. It’s an important year for partnering, as it asks you to be clearer about what’s important to you, then balance that with the needs of others. With the Eclipse energies in your Gemini Sun sign, along with Venus Retrograde, and the Nodal shift, YOU are the Queen/King of all your survey. So open up those birthday-peepers and take a good hard look at where you want to go. Then Zoooooom off, only Sky is a limit.

 YOUR PRACTICE: It’s a very Yang week, what with a Full Moon in fiery Sagittarius squaring a very squirmy Mars in Pisces, (a confused warrior). Add the wang dang doodle of an Eclipse, your job is to ground down, stay present, and work off excess steam so you don’t blow a ‘bad-gasket.’ Last week, energies began building toward this confrontational show down, now they’re in high gear. To serve frustrated, anxious, reactive bodies, consider building stable blocks from Sun Salutations, both A and B series. You can intersperse the known with stretches in Lizard/Anjenasana, and balancing moments, lifting from Uttkatasana. Keep it lively and creative so that you have to grow more present, and curious. Return to an old and difficult pose you love and deepen it. (Venus Retrograde). Strike out into a new pose you’ve wanted to engage, and take first steps. (Saturn) As always, especially now- love your body and thank it for serving you so well.

Titles in support of learning and loving Self:

Robert Johnson: “He”   “She”   “We” (three separate books)

Hal & Sidra Stone: “Embracing Your Inner Critic,” & “Embracing Each Other”

Alice Miller: Thou Shalt Not Be Aware” & “For Your Own Good”

Eckhart Tolle: “The New Earth”

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Whatever your Practice, choose to make it yours. Listen to your body. Grow strong in bone, and honor, flexible in muscle and grace! 

Panis Angelicus – At, & You Tube Channel- Samantha Cameron/Shakti Yoga Dances, When practicing the dance, feel your emotional body being fed and watered.