Lions In The Heat of Summer

In days of darkness, somewhere there is light. When we have lost faith, somehow, reason to hope appears. When we are most cruel, sometimes kindness prevails.

A brief news bulletin from the provincial town, Beta Genet, 350 miles outside of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, tells of a twelve year old girl, missing for a week, who’d been taken and beaten by seven men, one of whom wanted to marry her against her wishes. Three lions came and frightened away her attackers, then stood guard over her throughout the afternoon until police and family found her.

“They stood guard until we found her,” said Sergeant Wondimu Wedajo, “And then they just left her like a gift and went back into the forest.”

A gift indeed. A redolent reminder that there are more things in heaven and hell than we shall ever know. When Angels choose to move through us, ‘us’ doesn’t have to mean human. The connection between human and animal is far greater than we acknowledge. Mankind can be so much worse than we wish to know. Redemption can be greater and stranger than before envisioned.

Like storytellers of old, sharing this story makes it more alive in me. It calls to what is profound, mysterious, and brave, as well as what is evil. In its re-telling I connect over and over to the magic, alive here on earth, never forgetting how close by darkness waits.

Be the lion!

Asana: Simhasana/Lion Pose, of course. You can sit with your R foot placed under left buttocks, place L foot under R buttock, or in Padmasana, or kneel. Stretching the back up, extend hands, placing them on the knees, opening fingers wide. Focus gaze at tip of nose, or within to the Third Eyes, in center of forehead. Open your mouth as wide as possible, extending the tongue out onto the chin. Inhale then force the air out strongly, roaring, Feel your power to step up and do the right thing

Health Notes: Leo, ruled by the sun, rules the heart. When we listen to the heart we always do the right thing. When that happens we are in alignment with our true self and blessings flow.

Astrology and Yoga of Transformation


The real infinite, far from being a mere transcendence of the finite, always involves the absorption of the finite into its own fuller nature.”   Hegel

I invite you to come find out why this year is such a pivotal time, a cycle when we shift from one paradigm to another. On Sat. 1/25, from 2-4 PM, at laughing Dog Studio, Wellesley, MA.  I will discuss the fortune, and misfortune embedded in this year’s energies, covering timelines of possibility, creativity and chaos. (I will offer a digital recording if you cannot attend. (See below. )

This is a decade when we work with, and leave the dominance, and density of the masculine archetype.  Before we can leave, we must heal, or the wounds walk with us. This year, we move through a big dose of masculine density and misuse of power, so we see and understand both its strength, and weakness. The new decade holds the collapse of the old patriarchy, exposing its corruption, misunderstanding of the eco system, our extreme materialism, and yang over-reach. True reform comes from seeing our bias, and understanding the provocative dynamics in our actions.  To create correct antidotes to the where, how, and why we have grown out of bounds, out of love, out of spirit, we must deal with inner rust and decay. Doors of opportunity are opening to expose shadow material, forgive, cry, cut toxic ties, and heal so we may climb the next mountain.  Many are moving on to ‘go rest high on that mountain.’ (Vince Gil)

Buddhist doctrine addresses this difficulty in doing personal, finite diligence, while floating in the great sea of the infinite.  They use the term, “The infinite ground of being,” which embodies the idea that our capacity for enlightenment, the ability to rise from shadow and be ‘woke,’ exists within each of us, because everything arises from the same ground of being. In the Buddha nature, the infinite, is embodied in the finite.  All opposition and confusion of people and things, especially that which we hate, are part of us. Our vast world of unique individuals sustains and defines one another, co-creating the cosmos as a ‘self-defining organism.’ When our reality reads as a hologram, where each contains the whole, we feel finite reality open to the infinite. Therefore, the personal healing work we do has enormous consequences, far beyond ‘little me.’

Pluto supports us moving beyond the finite.  If you did not work with its   energies before, you now have a much better sense of its unseen powers. Last year, and all this year, its hidden energies dominate to move us forward. Moving slowly and ruthlessly, laying waste to old ways of being, and outmoded structures, it moves us relentlessly onward and upward. It rules death, be it physical, or emotional, inviting situations and processes outside our conscious control to create new opportunity.  Pluto demands we grow greater emotional muscle to shift consciousness to deal with life-changing experiences.  This year, standing shoulder to shoulder with Saturn, and soon, Jupiter, we are invited, pushed more likely, to die to the known, shift perspectives, take empowered action, and awaken to a life we did not know was waiting.

Approaching the Cancer Lunar Eclipse, on the 10th, expect something of the ‘infinite ground of being’ to become real for you. Despite the high stakes push and shove of energies, make quiet time to invite healing.  Take advantage and visualize new doors opening.  There is opportunity to understand something new of the meta life as well as the tangible and binding, and yes, the karmic. You will be more aware of Cancer concerns of mom, family, home, and homeland. Re-boot your ‘Emotional Intelligence’ for daily nurturing to increase intuitive compassion.  Cancer awareness is requires attention, not only because of the Eclipse, but the poor Moon opposes the dominance of Sun, Saturn, Pluto, and South Node.  This makes for an incredibly dynamic period of feminine/masculine opposition!

Consider yourself in a “spectacular hubba hubba zone!” Immediately following the Eclipse, Uranus, god of chaos and sudden changes, reaches its standstill in Taurus to go direct on the 11th!  There’s a lot going on that is intense and confounding. Both Uranus, and the Capricorn force field, make masculine energies overwhelming.  Your job is to spend time with the feminine.   Pay attention to nourishing yourself from soothing and simple practices of conscious breathing, quiet time, meditation, listening to music, with water to drink, to swim in, to gaze at. Listen to those who really see you, who take time to witness your life.  Accept their help.  Offer help in return.  Don’t waste your precious energy railing at the bad guys.  We are allowing them to suck us dry.  Instead, set aside time to surround them with light. Step back from the fury and fear of attack to actually do something that changes the world. This is how the ‘infinite ground of being’ works.


THIS WEEK’S BIRTHDAYS:  You birthday babies can count on a year of heightened emotion, combative forces, and transformational life changes.  I hope you’re excited.  Any time a birthday rolls under an Eclipse sky, you can expect life to notably change. This one promises to be a 10-X event. Get very clear about your choices, how you wish to proceed, and who you want on your arc.  Emotional seas are going to rise considerably.  On some level, you have been waiting for this year, preparing to enter the ‘infinite ground of being’ with greater consciousness, and generous desires to share your talents.  Have at it! The world is waiting, and needs you.

This is THE YEAR you want An Astrological consult!   A readingoffers opportunity to observe your life without judgment, and to ask important questions in order to plan well.  Use this amazing tool, especially when facing a BIG new year, a birthday or difficult choices: email        FOR A UNIQUE, PERSONAL GIFT FOR A SPECIAL SOMEONE~  Consider a Gift Certificate;  Available in person, by skype, or phone, from a quickie half hour look-see, to an hour and a half natal, birthday Solar Return, and or relationship/compatibility.

YOUR PRACTICE:  Take advantage of the Full Moon Yang energies to move through your Practice with power and persistence. Make it sweaty work, releasing frustration and anger to feel ‘mat-mighty.” Might makes for satisfaction but not right….and there’s going to be a lot of ‘might makes right’ in the world. Balance and harmonize your mighty-ness the with tender loving care.  Call in Lunar Cancer-Angels of tenderness for release, long exhales of surrender, with a heart to heart through a prolonged savasana.


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