The Misshapen Heart

There is an astrological signature for the place in each of us where we are most wounded, and where ultimately we do our greatest healing, and teaching. It is the placement o an Asteroid called ‘Chiron,’ named for the Greek God who was blacksmith, teacher, and healer to the Gods, and their offspring on Mt Olympus.

I am reminded of Chiron through my Yoga Practice, for it surfaces in poses that fmost rustrate me, and where my body feels inept/misshapen. Ultimately these are the Asanas offering the greatest knowledge, and profound understanding not only of my body but my attitude toward it. In my growing consciousness healing begins.

The ‘Chironic wound’ is a reminder not only of what we think we don’t do well, but where we hold back, where we allow fear to squelch effort, then disdain ourselves for taking the risk. Psychologically, it is the interior space where we cannot, or do not support ourselves, selling our talents short, diminishing our true gifts, or worse, not even recognizing them.

Just as our Practice over time opens consciousness, and elevates desire, Chiron’s healing comes through the same practice of awareness, loving kindness, forgiveness. In both, the deep bell tones of a well lived life emerge out of rock-hard struggles. The Chironic wound often appears as the ‘Zen-Master:’ The unfair boss who drives you crazy, the lover who abandons you, the child who flagrantly disobeys. Each of these demonic conflicts has something important to tell us/teach us, then heal us.

Are we listening? Are we willing to bring our ‘misshapen hearts’ into light?

Asanas: Natarajasana or Lord of the Dance. Begin in Tadasana, and move onto the R foot, (lift R knee cap, and draw thigh deep into hip joint.) bending L knee, raise the leg behind you. Rotate L arm out, bend at the elbow, reach back, and hold outside of foot. Press L hamstrings backward, drop pelvis down to lengthen lower back, lift belly. If you can, swing L elbow around and up to point toward ceiling, then reach the R arm back to hold L foot in same fashion. Keep drishti strong, do 5-12 breaths, repeat on other side.

Once mastered, this is a wonderful pose to dance within the’ inept and misshapen’ bringing them to healing and wholeness. It is difficult to stand majestically in ‘Dancer’ and not feel beautiful, and fulfilled….Opening the heart does that.

Astrology and Yoga of Transformation



  • Pisces, as the ‘dust bin’ of the zodiac, is also the sea of hidden riches. Now is the time to be a mermaid/man and dive deep into subconscious seas of spirit, ethereal creativity and confusion. You will also have to shed a few scales to come ashore for a Capricorn climb into practical reality.

We are birthing major vibrational shifts, and the epicenter is China, upsetting the balance of power on many levels. How can we help? What is the nature of our personal response?

2020 Will be noted in future history books. Our job now is to rise to the highest Pisces vibration that we can personally embody: Choose divine recognition of Self and others. Unconditional love. Forgiveness. Oneness~ connecting to reach out in empathy, to forgive, and heal.

  • Pisces News: Mercury has just Stationed Retrograde in Pisces for the coming three weeks. The Sun enters Pisces tomorrow, 18th. Neptune, its ruler, deep lord of the seas, is slowly flowing through Pisces, and harmonizes with Jupiter for a week of opportunities. At the Pisces New Moon on the 23rd, four planets will be in the psychic, intuitive, confusing, lost Piscean-water-world. (The symbol for Pisces is two fish tied at the tail, swimming in opposite directions. Perfect!)


STORYTIME      Along with the four Pisces planets, we also have four in Capricorn …two energies that could not be more different, despite their water and earth elements being mutually supportive…think mud. Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, push, demand, and drive us to climb high mountains to high powered greatness. Dear, sweet Pisces asks we withdraw, meditate, dream, heal, swim, grow intuitive, listen to music, and our inner voices, especially during the Retrograde passage.

As discussed before, the dramatically powered January alignment of Saturn and Pluto is with us in some fashion throughout 2020. Their conjunction hit China’s Jupiter at 22 degrees of Capricorn, in the 12th house. This is Pisces home base, a home providing a bridge to the unseen and unknown. First news of the Coronavirus/Covid-19 broke at this time. There was another world-shaking event the last time Saturn and Pluto came together in Capricorn. 500 years ago, Martin Luther broke from the all-powerful Catholic Church, and the emperor Charles V, by refusing to recant his Edict of Worms. This was a condemnation of the church’s corrupt practice of selling indulgences, or forgiveness of sins. In 1517, at the ‘Diet of Worms,’ in Worms, Germany, the pope excommunicated Luther, essentially giving birth to Protestantism.

Question: Do we have an equal world-magnitude shift with the emergence of the Coronavirus/Covid-19? Can we embody the best of this year’s extreme energies? Or will we turn from a great opportunity, and fearfully display the worst, through a lack of humanity, bullying reaction, censure and closing down? Take time during the three weeks of this Mercury Retrograde to review your spiritual compass, and take stock of what’s really important to heart and soul. Seek a deeper form of the truth. Send prayers to those in need of healing, as you would wish them to do for you. Rise up, and raise up your vibration! At the very least, let us balance the lack of empathy displayed by our orange leader.

While paddling around in the mud, re-decide how best to harmonize your life. Wear artistic water-wings. With the first of 2020’s three Jupiter/Neptune sextile’s, a bridge is being offered to carry us toward new contributions, both artistically and spiritually. Do you have a vision, or a dream ready to become reality? Prepare for deep water revelations that the New Moon is sure to birth. Aiding preparations for a break-out birth, this week Mars, ‘warrior of courage,’ is in a flowing trine with Uranus, the ‘change agent.’ Use their connection to break free of old fears, limitations, and shut up the, “I should.” (Remember notes of Mars being OOB from last week’s blog.) “No surrender!” The Irish sang as they marched into history.

YOUR BIRTHDAY WEEK: Dear, sweet Pisces, with intuition at a very high level, and emotions not far behind, take this opportunity to set sail on high seas of new adventure. Be your most beautiful mermaid/merman Self. Know the year is offering unknown discovery, with greater creativity. You may feel more like risking than you normally do. Fine, if you’ve done serious homework. Don’t assume, but know your inner senses are high and usually to be trusted. Be more courageous than you normally feel, and slipstream into a more charismatic YOU!                                                                                    An Astrological consult offers an opportunity to observe your life without judgment, and ask strategic questions to plan the road ahead.  It’s many-layered toolbox supports viewing a difficult situation, life-changes, or a frightening choice with greater courage, insight and clarity. Inquiries:

 YOUR PRACTICE: Take time this week to turn inward, and listen. Perhaps it is a lub dub rhythm, but its voice carries important messages. Listen. Again, it is an emotional week, with the Moon canoodling with a big planetary energy every day, putting you on a small roller coaster of changing emotion. Use your Practice to stay open, to console and heal. Stay present to what is, and make that magical. Use your shifting emotions to create new ways to feel happy, and then share them with those near you. Reach out into the Pisces flow of communication to move asanas from breath, to the next sequence. Observe your constantly shifting Yoga landscape of surprising elements. The Practice is vast, deep, and broad. It’s what keeps us coming back in discovery, and delight.

February  Schedule

WED. 19~ 5:15 All Levels, & 7:00 PM Intermediate. Come and be in a magic practice. Do not worry if you are good enough. You are. Breathe into the serenity and pleasure of the body’s journey. Listen to a mind informed by its heart.

THURS. 20~ 8:30 AM Pilates Mat & Stretch.  The Studio, 1 Edson Rd, Natick

SAT. FEB. 22 ~ 8:30 & 10:00 AM classes.   Share your joy, expand ideas, and re-set the Practice. Call intuitive ideas forward. Dance to feel the body in joyful motion. The Studio, 1Edson rd. Natick   RSVP

Upcoming: From Feb 25- March 18, I will be teaching shaktidances in Spain. I will send posts so you may share in the magical explorations of Yoga & Dance as we move from city to city.