The Misshapen Heart

There is an astrological signature for the place in each of us where we are most wounded, and where ultimately we do our greatest healing, and teaching. It is the placement o an Asteroid called ‘Chiron,’ named for the Greek God who was blacksmith, teacher, and healer to the Gods, and their offspring on Mt Olympus.

I am reminded of Chiron through my Yoga Practice, for it surfaces in poses that fmost rustrate me, and where my body feels inept/misshapen. Ultimately these are the Asanas offering the greatest knowledge, and profound understanding not only of my body but my attitude toward it. In my growing consciousness healing begins.

The ‘Chironic wound’ is a reminder not only of what we think we don’t do well, but where we hold back, where we allow fear to squelch effort, then disdain ourselves for taking the risk. Psychologically, it is the interior space where we cannot, or do not support ourselves, selling our talents short, diminishing our true gifts, or worse, not even recognizing them.

Just as our Practice over time opens consciousness, and elevates desire, Chiron’s healing comes through the same practice of awareness, loving kindness, forgiveness. In both, the deep bell tones of a well lived life emerge out of rock-hard struggles. The Chironic wound often appears as the ‘Zen-Master:’ The unfair boss who drives you crazy, the lover who abandons you, the child who flagrantly disobeys. Each of these demonic conflicts has something important to tell us/teach us, then heal us.

Are we listening? Are we willing to bring our ‘misshapen hearts’ into light?

Asanas: Natarajasana or Lord of the Dance. Begin in Tadasana, and move onto the R foot, (lift R knee cap, and draw thigh deep into hip joint.) bending L knee, raise the leg behind you. Rotate L arm out, bend at the elbow, reach back, and hold outside of foot. Press L hamstrings backward, drop pelvis down to lengthen lower back, lift belly. If you can, swing L elbow around and up to point toward ceiling, then reach the R arm back to hold L foot in same fashion. Keep drishti strong, do 5-12 breaths, repeat on other side.

Once mastered, this is a wonderful pose to dance within the’ inept and misshapen’ bringing them to healing and wholeness. It is difficult to stand majestically in ‘Dancer’ and not feel beautiful, and fulfilled….Opening the heart does that.

Astrology and Yoga of Transformation






  • The last five months of this year are a birth canal to new life. Like any birth, it will be disruptive, complex, disorganized, possibly brutal, yet hopeful. Prepare to surrender ever deeper to the destabilizing process.


  • The big WOW this week is Uranus, god of chaos, innovation, shock and individuality stopping to go backward on the 15th. Expect earthquakes, fire, tsunami, volcanic eruptions, hurricanes, both literally and individually….along with opportune moments of awakening.


  • Mars continues to be hot and heavy handed as he activates the big boys of Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto. The individual enraged against abusive big governments. (Review last week’s information on Mars, daily breath


  • Create a ‘surrendering toolbox’ of shared laughter, song, dance, harmony, friendship, peace, and quiet strength that you add on to, hand out, and turn toward in need.
  • THE  STORY                                                                                                                                               From the beginning of August we’ve had a treasure trove of Uranian energy adding to the volatile, combative and impulsive energies of Mars. Everywhere you turn in the world you see combat zones of ‘we the people’ against the powers that be. Sad to say, this is not abating. Tempers and tantrums run high well into 2021. The question is: What can you do about it? It turns out a lot. Since Uranus is the planet of awakenings, of galactic vision, as well as revolution, our ability to understand, use, and move energy is increasing exponentially. Uranus rules Aquarius, the sign connected to friendship, the future, and quantum leaps in evolution. Uranian energy is not linear. We leap. We communicate telepathically. Thinking is upgraded and wired to outer limits of known wisdom. You may not be sleeping well, but the astral-travel is exciting.


  • The brave new world, waiting for us to catch up depends on our thinking, our imaginations, and vision. Time spent visualizing the life you wish, the world you want is your gift to Self, and to humanity. It is not ‘oh by the way work.’ It is the work we came to do at this time. You can’t possibly think that you being here in the midst of this pandemic is an accident? You chose to incarnate and be part of the birthing of the Aquarian Age. It is our social and personal responsibility to be joyfully in service, to be gainfully employed in helping grow the collective consciousness. When fear and anger creep in, practice replacing them by holding healing pictures of equality, friendship, understanding, and empathy. Be radical! Take no prisoners! Free yourself from old ruts, rubbish, and rat-infested anxiety. This is a power-packed time!


  • Be extra careful this week. Move slowly and purposefully, especially if you are working with machines, sharp instruments, fast cars, or a hot tongue. Fear rises with the shock and awe of dismantling the old, and known. You may have extraordinary visions. Ask for them. Be inventive and spend time imagining what you want. Use that imagination toward creating a heart-filled New Moon Cycle. We move toward a Leo New Moon on the 18th. Leo is the Queen or King who chooses to rule from compassion. Visualizing what you want in the upcoming cycle. If you know where Leo is in your chart, bring in the house energies to increase the depth of your preparation. Use it to see the dismantling of the power based Capricorn energy, where stand the ‘big boys of Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto. This is very much a top down hierarchy of might makes right.


  • Learning to swim in these shifting, dynamic, deconstructive waters is mind boggling, but I think it’s helpful to know we are all swimming with the alligators. We are all fearful, pissed off and anxious. You can invoke a consoling awareness that we are working to move the heavy energy-field to a higher vibration. We are in this together, or we do not survive. Know that we will continue to see changes in big business, big money, big government, and the puny 1% as they oh so slowly morph and decay. We are in slow-mo-motion to the Aquarian Age of equality and unity-consciousness. Huzzah!



  • BIRTHDAY MARCHING ORDERS: This week’s birthdays are in a process of enormous transformation..” Every birthday this year now begins with this sentence…. This is a year of big changes, turning on a dime, and visionary exclamation points! Some are out of left field, others lift you up from dreams and wishes. Pay attention and dream big! As an individualistic Leo, there’s a part of you very at home with being a change agent, of creating a unique self to offer the world. Therefore, get clear about who and what you are creating for the new life. Many opportunities, surprises, and revolutionary wake up calls await you. Therefore prioritize, and take time to re-structure habits and thought process. Realign your heart to lead your head.It’s a perfect time for an Astrological Consultation to review the life you’ve lived, and the new one you are entering. Contact samantha cameron at

    YOUR PRACTICE: Due to high heat, both inner and outer, and the fine and fearful balancing act with wild Uranian energies, the Practice this week is the fine art of grounding, listening, and tasting small bites. We shall move slowing giving the body time to feel where it wants to be in the pose; how much does it want to bite off; how deep to dive. We shall listen for muscle-resonance, offering information on where best to place hands and feet, giving us feedback on how to respond, VS how not to react. Perhaps we shall call it a “Tasting Menu,” offering delicate bites of Yin, Restorative, and Mindful Pleasures.


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