Sunday Salons

With Spring’s arrival, the SUNDAY SALON* moves to fall start-up.

Look forward to seeing you Oct 1, 2017, 4 -6 pm. 1 Edson Rd, Natick, MA.

Discussions roam from what is affecting us personally in these chaotic times, to what can we do to heal our world. How to examine what creates inner and outer turbulence?  What are our dis-owned shadows and imbalances, and how do those inform our POV?  What creates peace and balance? How do we move forward? How do we learn how to let go?  What helps healing? What are the tools of staying present?

*A Salon is a gathering of interested and interesting bodies under the roof of a willing, and inspired host or hostess.  It is a time of exploration and assessment, away from daily demands. Here, we question many layers, in multiple fashion between life and death.  We seek meaning through: psychology, archetypes, symbols, history, science, Yoga, philosophy, Astrology, meta-physics, the Tarot. This circle by the fire helps refine perspectives of taste, and principle.  In the vesper light, we listen to others of different ideas, we share insightful opinion, opening our minds to an expanded universe of grey area, where black and white may not hold the answer. In these two hours, we gather to turn off judgment, grow outer possibility and inner enlightenment. We grow community.

Held first Sunday of fall and winter months, 4-6 PM, October through April.  Salons are guided by Allan Cameron.  There is no cost other than a bottle of wine, or a nibble to share.
Location: The Studio at 1 Edson Rd. So. Natick MA. If interested email in advance, seating is limited.

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