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A Wow Week of Sexy Shifts

This wow week of sexy shifts includes Fall Equinox, one of the earth’s four transformative gateways; Pluto, the sexy planet, more powerful and regenerative as it stations; A New Moon in Libra~ruled by Venus; and a Jupiter-Uranus trine for courage and breakthroughs. Love the one you’re with!

Global Mala on Fall Equinox

Get involved/Be involved in helping light the world from a new design strategy.
Come to the Yoga Mala, Sun. Sept. 21, 2:30-4:30; The Daily Breath Studio~1 Edson rd., Natick, MA. Or~ If it rains, Laughing Dog Yoga, 159 Linden st. Wellesley. $10.00 donation to Solar Air in exchange for 108 Surya Namaskars, or your song, or your meditation, or your joyous breathe. Be part of the ritual joining the world in a Mala of peace on the Fall Equinox. Set your fall table.

Preparing The Equinox Table

Preparing for the equinox, like designing a tablescape, offers an opportunity to re-set the imagination. When we set a table to celebrate, we lay out the best, designing alignments from highest vibrational desires. We hope to integrate and navigate the celebration with judicious use of memories from past experience, a creative intellect, and good gut intuition.

Howling! Astrology & Yoga of Transformation

ll I can say about this KA-BOOM week’ is…you’d best be howling at the Moon, otherwise what good is it? We are at a crossroads, and if something doesn’t let loose –we ain’t gonna’ ever move forward. Not only do we have a powerful Full Moon tonight, Thursday, but it’s closely followed by the potent… Read more »

Beam Me Up Scotty

Under this full moon, eat green melon, dream large dreams, wear silver twined with gold, see the highest vision, trip the light fantastic, and hold nothing but your heart. What is demanding your attention in this moment?  Where is your focus?  Do you have one?  Or has it mutated so many times in the past… Read more »

Harvest Moon

The Harvest Moon, or Hunter’s Moon, is the full moon nearest Michaelmas, and the fall Equinox. Long ago we used to work into the night cutting the last crops, leaving only fields of stubble for the moon to shadow. We prayed mainly for enough to eat through winter, and to pay quarterly rents due on… Read more »

Equinox Ritual

As the earth held her moment of perfect balance between night & day, a tiny band of brothers circled a fire to celebrate. We stood as witnesses, called as our ancestors had been called to celebrate ‘The Queen,’ to partake and believe in her mysteries. In this last breath before tidal waves of change create… Read more »