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 I can’t dance, I can’t fly, I can’t return I can’t weep, I can’t breath. I burn sorrow’s fire Heat beyond bearing, Singed black feathers,   Fluttering in empty streets of longing, Lost hope, and memories of delicious laughter. No one applauds the miraculous muscle The unstoppable beauty poised, Waiting the last leap. In the… Read more »

Astrology & Yoga Notes of Redemption & Transformation

Oh if ever you wanted to be magical, and make merrie of wizard abilities, this coming 10 days is a grand opportunity.  Along with the magic, this time will also offer confusion, delusion, and loss –as we are all things Pisces. The watery grouping of planets includes Neptune, Pisces ruler, along with Sun Mercury, Mars,… Read more »

Autumn Equinox/September 22

Beginning of fall Fall quadrant includes energies of Libra, Scorpio & Sagittarius In The northern hemisphere,the autumn Equinox, September 21-22, occurs when the Sun crosses the celestial equator, hitting zero degrees of Libra. This marks the half way moment when night and day are equal, the harvest is gathered, and we turn inward toward longer… Read more »

Autumn Rhythm

Autumn people deal with endings, and fertilizing the next cycle.  Pay attention to what has value, and what must be released. It is a metal element; restrained, serene, barren and graceful, like the skeletal structure of a tree against fading autumn light. Dealing with this ending cycle, autumn bodies tend toward the perfection of getting… Read more »

Soul Food

Our best friends remind us of the right stuff. They feed us soul food. They hold our hand when we cross risky roads. They’ve got our back. Crossing between an old life/old friends and new life/new found amis, I am constantly reminded how lucky we are in our vast array of friendships, how profoundly important… Read more »