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Preparing The Equinox Table

Preparing for the equinox, like designing a tablescape, offers an opportunity to re-set the imagination. When we set a table to celebrate, we lay out the best, designing alignments from highest vibrational desires. We hope to integrate and navigate the celebration with judicious use of memories from past experience, a creative intellect, and good gut intuition.

Torpid Heat

Torpid Heat Lying heat-burned under stars Blazing a blue night sky Smells enter the lizard brain, Limbic pleasure centered within Rose, wisteria, gardenia, Scented layers Circling the darkness Return memory of summer nights When 16 was everything, Is everything searing First date, the over-big corsage, and ‘I’m sorry I hurt you’ bouquet. Ancient memory-lizard memory… Read more »

Climate Control

The economic climate, the Astrologic climate, and the emotional climate are singularly hot and climbing. If we are not to repeat the reactionary extremes of the 1930’s; think great depression, rise of Nazism, Fascism, and war, we’d best be formatting better/higher/wider visions. There are many wonderful qualities connected with the energy-framework we are entering, as… Read more »

Who Do You Love?

Faced With Decisions of change, which way do you leap? How large is this shift? Which trajectory to choose? Since we are all in the frying pan this summer, we sizzle, for the heat’s on high! It is no longer a question of ‘if,’ only how and when, and where these ‘alternate routes,’ these high… Read more »

Burn Baby, Burn

The weather is only half the heat we are contending with this summer. If ever there was a time to learn about ‘turning the other cheek,’ it is now. And what, pray tell, does that phrase conjure? If I slug you, do you ignore me? If I patronize, or lie, do you then roll over?… Read more »

Une Bonne Anniversaire of Being

Today, in honor of my birth, I’m doing a most difficult task, I’m taking time out to honor myself, to question how/if this year has created essential changes within, and question yet once again; What meaning does this life have? Have I risked enough these past months? Am I on the correct path? Is there… Read more »

Gift Giving

Because many of us feel poorer than before, less able to cope or keep up, it is important to ritualize the following gifts, imbuing them with attention and power. Because we feel we do not deserve grandeur and gallant greatness, we must promise to sit and accept, perhaps weep at all we wrap and un-wrap…. Read more »

Shakti Dance

When we play, we are lively, as in ‘full of life.’ In that happiness, we connect. In depression, we disconnect, and grow stagnant. Growing joy and contentment is no small job. Maybe it never was. With over-ripe angst, anger, and confusion , bliss is not a luxury. Consciously cultivating solace is a worthy job. We… Read more »