The Invitation


White curtains lift, blowing inward

The invitation delivered on air redolent

Of heavy-headed roses, peach, and cut grass.

Rude, and more, to refuse.


Walking barefoot up the hill to the high orchard

 Clippers, and the old woven basket to hand

With Great-Cat as guide,

Every accouterment of heaven- mine.


Under branches drooping in succulence

Life fills in peach-ness,

Fuzzy skins of dusty heat wrap them in their happiness.

And me in my ripe, luscious moment .







Astrology Notes

Crossing the Uranus/Pluto threshold, observe everything that happens with attention, for what is not working within us and within society is going to be swept away. Can you feel your electro-magetic field quivering?  Indeed.  Other shifts bringing change are:  Saturn and Venus ending their retrogrades this week, and because Venus is aspect to Uranus and Pluto,it  increases opportunity for transformative consciousness.  Saturn in Libra has been re-constructing our relationships, and All relationships, especially those  that are important to us need looking after. We finally move forward with new information and new boundaries to our relationships.  Neptune, the sea-god all things mysterious, connective, and creative, brings opportunity for deception and yes, more confusion. What is happening at this time may not be immediately obvious, or clear.

“It is the best of times, it is the worst of times.”  “These are days of miracle and wonder.”  Time to move on, to keep the faith, to hold hands, and  visualize what the heart dictates.   We shall muddle through to be better than we ever thought possible.

Yoga toolbox for transformation

Pranayama– What happens to the body when we are frightened?  We stop breathing.  Connecting to specific breath patterns brings us back on track, and when we can combine breathing with positive thoughts & images, it takes us to other spaces.  Controlling the breath gives feelings of control and power.

Mudra  Exactly what are mudras?  They are body prayers, usually we refer to hasta mudra of the hands, but a mudra can be like a Shakti Yoga Dance.  Mudras involve body mind spirit,  and can increase rate of transformation—all of these tools do.

Chanting  In Sanskrit & otherwise.  It’s like singing, you can’t sing and worry about something at the same time. You simply have to let the voice have it’s way with you.

The 12 Step prayer is a wonderful mantra at any time, but especially now.  “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and the wisdom to know the difference.”  Reinhold Niebuhr

Asana   Find poses to physically embody what you need: Is it balance, power, softness, heart opening, surrender, grounding, being present, combating fear, depression, lonliness???  What are your favorite Asanas?  How do you use them?  When?  How do you feel when entering into their energy? Grow consciousness through the physical body.  There is a great sweetness to that process. 


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Jennifer Cooper

Your prose is evocative…I can feel the lush dew and smell the heavy scent of the garden….i can see you walking with skirts flowing up the hill….tending the weeds and beckoning the blossoms into your basket….


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