Fall Quadrant


The opening, or cardinal sign of Autumn is represented by the scales, holding the moment when light and dark, male and female, are equal.  She is ruled by Venus, as is Taurus, but Libra is an air sign while Taurus is earth.  They both love beauty, creativity and grace, but Libra is strategic, and she is learning to position herself through relationships.  She is called, “The fist in the velvet glove.”



Is a fixed, feminine, watery sign, think ice,  that seeks itself through its desire body.  Entering the long dark days of late fall, we move into an emotionally complex, hidden territory where the battles between personality and soul lie within the  mysteries of death, sex, and regeneration.



Ruled by large, gaseous Jupiter, Sagitarians tend to be optimistic, exploratory, and exuberant.  Many of the world’s great explorers, both physically and mentally have been Sagitarian, or blessed with strong Jupiter energy.  As night takes over day, Sagitarian fire lights the dark with large ideals and ideas which it loves to share and teach.


Autumnal Equinox

The autumn Equinox, occurs between September 21-23, when the Sun crosses the celestial equator, hitting zero degrees of Libra. is when the earth’s axis inclines neither toward nor away from the Sun, putting the center of the Sun in the same plane as the equator, which makes day and night fairly equal. (Latin, aequus-equal and nox-night.)  The structure of fall’s equinox provides a moment of stillness, a symbolic cross-road when the year is divided into its four seasonal quadrants.

Astrologically, it moves the Sun from Virgo into Libra, and was the time of the Elysian Mysteries when mythologically Persephone descended to the underworld for the coming winter. The harvest is gathered, and we turn inward to obey the first Elysian instruction which is,  “Know Thyself first.”  The second is, “Seeds of wisdom are gathered in silence.”

In balancing the Yin of night and yang of day, we are offered opportunity to validate the dark, the feminine and receptive, the listening Goddess.  In today’s solar ego identity of the masculine, we need this divine gift of balance and inner equilibrium.

Autumn Energies

Those born in the fall are required to fertilize the next cycle, and prepare for winter.  They must pay attention to what has value, and what must be released. Those born in late Virgo, and Libra, tend to be restrained, serene, and graceful, like the skeletal structure of a tree against fading autumn light. These autumn bodies tend toward the perfection of getting it right, of being acceptable and gracious.  They are motivated to be refined, balanced, inspiring.

Scorpio deals with endings. There is often a deep sadness, or solitary flavor inside,  for autumn can be a time of longing, of turning inward. This fosters discernment with a need to find meaning in experience.  When stressed, autumn people can become depressed, constrained, and restless.

Vata Dosha grows prominent with the change of season and its variable winds and temperature shifts   To more perfectly balance the body with nature’s, focus on  balancing the windy, dry, cooler weather by creating its opposite.  The body needs calming and warming, as well as a regular pacing of habits, especially meals and bed time.

Practicing Savasana prepares us for dying, just as autumn prepares the ending of growth. All cycles hold learning for the next one; the end of childhood, the end of parenting, the end of working, the end. Period.  When we use autumn energies well, we are at peace with the letting go and dying. We move to closure in Grace. We acknowledge loss, releasing what is no longer necessary.  We die over and over, in the same way we come to Savasana; hearts open, bodies soft, minds tender.