Libra Overview

(September 21-October 21)

Key Words: “I Seek Myself Through What I Unite.”

The sun is in Libra September 21st to October 21st and marks the half way turn in the astrological evolutionary process.  Here we move from ‘self’ to relationship and cooperation.  Libra is the sign of union or marriage when ‘me’ becomes ‘we.’

This is a positive, masculine air sign-energetic, ruled by Venus. The air energy is desirous of connection, and we set out to charm each other.  We explore mental horizons, circulating and exchanging ideas, and arguing.   Libra desires to create and maintain balance, an inherent energy at this time of year. Librans learn about self through what,  and how, they work the polarities of partnerships, friendships, and parenting.

Libra’s ruler, Venus, requires love, for only through love can we enter into union.  The beauty of Venus often covers a will of ‘Libran-steel,’ along with an executive, legal mind.  If the will is not steely, Librans give themselves away, wanting to be all things to all people, often causing disruption and confusion. Saturn is exalted in Libra. This stability helps Libra remain centered when she sees all sides to an issue. Libra can become indecisive without Saturn’s shadow of rules and regulations. The Libran Venus loves to discuss ideas, and re-frame her thoughts via others.  Without grounding, her light charm and easy grace can flounder.

In the opposite sign~ Aires, the awareness is of  being unique and separate.  In Libra, recognition grows that others are as important as oneself, and if the harvest is to be successful, all must contribute.  Libra shares its air energy with Aquarius and Gemini.  It shares its duality with Gemini, Pisces and Sagittarius.  Like Yoga, these dual sign energies are interested in polarity, compromise, and balance.  Libra energy seeks itself through the polarity of relationship, and on a higher plane through the polarity of earth with the divine.

Body Rulership

In the physical body, Libra rules the kidneys, and works with the diaphragm, the portion dividing the body into its upper and lower halves.   The kidneys purify, just as relationships help purify consciousness. Venus rules the thymus and parathyroid gland, which regulates metabolism and chemical balance.  Also, through its desire nature, Venus has influence over our attractiveness, our sensuality, and to some degree, sexuality.

Libra Polarities

Dependency vs. Independence
Manipulative vs. Straight-forward
Superficial vs. Social Graces
Disruptive vs. Harmonius

Balancing Libra Energies through a Yoga Practice

To strengthen the Vyana Vayu, work consciously with the Svadisthana Chakra. Practice strengthening asanas, and the linking of strength and suppleness that enhances connections within and without the body.

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