Taurus Overview

(April 20-May 20)

Key Words:  “I Have”

Venus rules Taurus territory, whose symbolic glyph is the bull.  Astronomically, Venus is earth’s closest neighbor, and is called ‘earth’s sister’ for their physical aspects are similar, despite temperatures and timing differences. In the zodiac, Venus rules both Taurus (feminine) and Libra (male).  In Taurus, she comes as Aphrodite, giver of life’s pleasures, and beauty.

Taurus is a steadfast energy, despite its sensitivity. Much of her  power and will come from a strong root system. Usually conservative, careful, and extremely practical, it is not often given to imploding, but when it does, it has difficulty returning to a balanced center.  Because her energy tends to be calm and peaceful, do not let that lull you into thinking Taurus does not have a capacity for savage danger.  Like a mother protecting her young, when driven into a corner, the Bull will win.

Sometimes its stubbornness stands in the way of being able to change and re-glue.  Despite innate caution, even stolidity, Taurus vision often merges imagination with reality, creating new forms of artistic expression. Think Picasso. Venus is a lover of the arts, a lover period.  In that desire for connection through self-expression, Taurus people often reveal surprising gifts.

Taurus is strongly connected to nature.  Her intention is to make Gaia more productive and beautiful.  She is fully a ‘spring-child,’ getting her hands earth-dirty, exploring methods to be resourceful and bountiful.  It is no accident that Earth Day falls in Taurus territory. Taurus needs to use resources wisely to compost, and recycle Many well known gardeners are Taurus people, or strongly Venus ruled.  They have an innate feeling for  land-plant relationships, and how to display them to advantage.

Body Rulership:  Taurus governs the neck, throat, ears, and shoulder, with an affinity for the lymphatic system and thyroid.  Many Taureans are known for their beautiful voices.  When ill the throat is often affected.

Taurus Polarities

Spiritual vs.Material
Generous vs. Acquisitive
Willing vs. Stubborn

Balancing Taurus Energies through a Yoga Practice

Getting on the mat regularly helps jump-start their earthy dispositions.  Once in motion, all is well. Taurus often holds extra weight, like those with a Kapha Dosha.  The inclination for  sweets, and fine wines can lead all to easily to diabetes.

The balancing between stillness, read stuck, and movement, is a training ground for many Taureans. The combination of  physical exertion and beauty inherent in Ardha Chandrasana/ Half Moon Pose  is a repository of Venus energy. Taurus likes knowing its roots are firmly embedded before opening out.

Practicing Jathara Paravritta  is a good Taurus pose as it helps gets rid of belly fat.

Inertia is an issue, so keep the practice moving, dependable, and strong.

Her difficulty often lies in not being flexible, but with bullish tenacity she will stay the course, not only growing more flexible but moving decidedly into difficult poses.

You cannot rush or push, only persuade the Bull.  Persuasive whips are lovely music, sweet scents, and the promise of Savasana.

What a Taurus might say

“I’m a private person.I don’t even particularly like performing in the public eye. I love doing something that is bigger and more worthwhile than me.”   -Barbara Streisand

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