Summer Quadrant


Cancer the first, or cardinal sign, is watery, emotional, tenacious and hides a great deal of insecurity.  As the mothering, nurturing sign of the zodiac, Cancers tend to summer’s harvest, like tending to their children; planting, plowing, and using their deep need for security to see the crop well established.

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Leo the fiery, warm-hearted, stubborn, read ‘fixed’ summer sign, gravitate to center stage.  As such, their crop needs to be the best, the most fruitful, grown with the greatest flair, in order not only to share, but be noticed by everyone.

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Virgo harvests and winnows chaff from wheat.  She is the earthy, virgin goddess, particular as to the potential and refinement of her crop.  By her methodical, even analytic measuring, each person is given their share.

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Summer Solstice

The Summer Solstice occurs usually June 21st, at zero degrees of Cancer, the day the Sun reaches its greatest Northern declination.  The sun seems to literally standstill,(sol/sun sistere/to stand still) for three days, a time when the Ancients celebrated through the night(s.) The Solstice is the longest, and one of the most magical days of the year.  A time when faeries appear at dusk and beckon you off to dance with fireflies.  Stand your mat at the Solstice, open to 108 Sun Salutations, roar like a lion, and feel the faerie dust gather on your mat.  Whatever you do, do not miss doing something magical because from this point, the pole begins its tilt in the opposite direction, making days shorter, nights longer. The out-rushing energies of Aires, Taurus, and Gemini give way to greater nurturing, strength and expansion within the three incoming signs.  Summer heat creates sensuality and conservation to establish and ready the harvest.