Virgo Overview

(August 21~September 22)

Key Words: “I Seek Myself Through What I Learn”

Virgo’s home ground is where we become precise, practical, and organized.  Virgo is ruled by the planet Mercury, thought-leader,  articulate communicator, and a co-ruler to consciousness. In the last sign of summer, we leave Leo’s heart-centered ‘me-ness’ to ask others what they think? What can I do in your service?  Virgo serves, expressing the opposite of Leo’s desire to command.  Like the Virgin she represents, Virgo seeks to be opened by the force, or passion of life… She is the harvest after all, and Virgo energy works diligently to refine and express the harvest.

Virgo’s demand to clean out, and complete daily tasks becomes clear in September.  The message of the ‘stars’ is to get ship-shape in every way possible: do baby steps toward new habits, 10 minutes of morning meditation instead of coffee. Become more responsible for health, do a short cleanse. Care for the planet, harvest with gratitude. Without Virgo energy somewhere in our lives, we would not understand the refinement of good habits, the principles of analyzing toward perfection.

Virgo often works with inferiority complexes because of her desire for perfection.  She worries about carrying out the job well, and the highly geared nervous system often suffers.  Their state of mind has a direct bearing on their helath.  When their analyzing abilities change from fault-finding to refining, life is smoother.  Virgo refinement often extends to their looks, unless there are strong mitigating planets.  It is only when Virgo becomes too fussy and critical that her age shows.

Body Rulership

Virgo rules the intestines where we separate wheat from chaff, where we utilize and receive nourishment, and eliminate waste.Mercury ruled bodies tend to be thin, youthful, of medium height, often with blue eyes. Mercury also corresponds to the thyroid gland, working with respiration, therefore involving lungs and larynx.

Virgo Polarities

Self-effacing vs. Unassuming
Obsequious vs. Solicitous
Critical vs. Meticulous
Manipulative vs. Helpful

Balancing Virgo Energies through a Yoga Practice

Twists are the intestines biggest support to clean and clear.

Practicing with the mantra, “good enough,” is a great way to not get caught up in the drive to make it all perfect.

Using Pranayama helps release over-amped nervous systems, and critical, fault-finding habits.

The practice of breathing into the sound of “Om” intensifies a meditative energy.

Work with Samana Vayu, the power of digestive fire, which controls abdominal organs and gland functions.  Samana Vayu is concerned with understanding discrimination.  Therefore practicing any poses using the Uddiyana bandha  is very helpful as you have to pause, release to lift inwardly, and feel a subtle core power supporting the body.

What a Virgo Might Say

Idris Elba spoke about his process (Virgo) in creating the role of Mandela.   “Not having met the man, my dad does remind me of what I imagine him to be in person: the presence, the humor and the way he moves – elegant, but at the same time sturdy, a rock-solid guy. I channeled my dad’s energies because he was a big fan of Mr. Mandela and a union guy who struggled for the working man. Instead of a liberation struggle, his struggle was ‘My guys deserve steel-toed boots and a lunch break’. But Mandela was always part of the discussion.”

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