Winter Quadrant


The Mountain Goat is Capricorn’s symbolic animal because it climbs sure-footedly in the mountain tops. With Saturn its ruling planet as goad, a Capricorn needs to strive toward the top of wherever they are. They are organized, expedient, persistent, and traditional. They are the ‘Big Daddy’ energy of the zodiac.

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From late January to mid February, are born the futurists, the dreamers of mankind. Often called ‘The Awakener,’ its symbolic glyph is not an animal, rather two undulating parallel lines like the waves of electricity. Many Aquarians are electric, highly individualistic, creative, and iconoclastic.

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Pisces ruler, Neptune, operates at the higher octave of Venus, expressing love from an impersonal, spiritual focus, rather than the personal. Pisces struggle with this issue shown by their glyph of two fish tied together, swimming in opposite directions. One direction is earthly materialism, the other – infinite consciousness of spirit.

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Winter Solstice

When the Sun reaches its furthest point north of the equator, the winter solstice is marked at zero degrees of Capricorn. This signaling the slow return toward daylight in the Northern Hemisphere. Capricorn was a sign regarded as sacred, partially because it marks a major turning point of light, just as the summer solstice marks its opposite turning. Here, the energy turns inward, toward faith and hope to dream dark winter toward spring life.

No surprise that winter’s rhythm contains seed pods of potential. Bodies that vibrate in the cold have survival mechanisms that produce endurance and determination. Capricorn’s, often conditioned as children for success, use practical, strategic means to establish secure foundations. Aquarians may have been taught to sacrifice in order to achieve their goals. Often their resources and talents are put toward dreaming humanistic-futuristic ideals, in service to the community. The end of winter, is also the end of the zodiac. This is Pisces home, that of the great unconscious sea, where Neptune holds sway. Here, we serve or suffer.It’s important to find a balance and not martyr, which can be a Pisces downfall.

Because there is little heat from the sun, winter babies build courage from internal systems that are used to move out and change the world. Capricorn’s builds big companies; Aquarians interconnect advance systems for the good of the group, and Pisces connect us all as one through unconscious, instinctual waves. 

Winter Energies

Winter, in the Northern Hemisphere, belongs Ayurvedically to the Kapha Dosha. Historically, bodies turned inward to hibernate and rest after the harvest, but that has almost vanished as we not longer tend the land.  Gone is the slower, methodical winter rhythm, yet bodies still need to balance the season’s imbalances. The heavy, cold and dark ask we focus on stronger physical practices, along with light and heat in the diet, that we give balancing time to the inner life that needs renewal, before we leap out again in spring.

Kapha and Capricorn are earthy compositions that like regular habits, and well-structured meals. Kapha and Pisces are composed of water that promote and support feelings and emotions. Kapha’s role is one of protection. It has responsibility for the immune system, and creating tissue, muscle, and bone. It protects metabolic wear, and lubricates the skin, and joints, often giving the appearance of luxurious, smooth skins, and thick wavy hair to those of a strong Kapha Dosha. Like Scorpio, Kapha struggles with attachment, envy, greed, and lust, but when in balance, there is nothing more stable, forgiving, or powerful, like a Pisces at their best.

As always, it helps to understand the seasonal, as well as personal energies we are dealing with so that ways and means of balancing can be understood and used.