Capricorn Overview

Key Words “I Use”

December 21 – January 21

In Capricorn territory, we want to be the Captain, the CEO, or top dog in some way. Like its symbolic animal, the Mountain Goat, Capricorn’s work hard to climb at high levels.  Wherever Capricorn is in your chart, Saturn, its ruling planet, says, “You want to be in charge, be organized, and feel successful from your efforts.”

The focus here is to build practically from a solid bone structure so that you can move outward and upward over rough terrain.  A good Capricorn rises from the ashes of mediocrity, time and again to succeed against the odds, because Saturn is the great taskmaster of the zodiac.  Without Saturn none of us have structure, containment, or a sense of responsibility.  Because of these demands, wherever Saturn is in your chart is also where you feel least secure, therefore you drive to overcome and succeed.

Though many think of Capricorn as masculine energy because of its drive toward success and fulfillment, it is actually feminine, a passive, earth energy. Saturn often requires and guides us to wait for wisdom, to be steady, and ready.  These are feminine quality serving everyone well.

Saturn helps us bear karma and life’s tests. It is not an easy signature, but it is often a successful one because it is tough.  It takes promotes us through life’s tests,  demanding we show up again and again against all odds to overcome.  If you have a prominent Saturn in your chart, you know her demands, whether you are a Capricorn, or not.

Capricorns are often old when young, beset by extra responsibilities.  When older, their load lightens, and they grow younger. Winter is serious business, often with questions of survival.  If you were not responsible, if you did not take charge, or follow orders well, you did not survive.  Saturn ruled bodies tend to a cool, calm and serious, though they can have very sharp wits.  These are the dependable ones you want by your side when the climb becomes steep and rocky.

Body Rulership

Saturn rules bones, teeth and skin, those structural parts that keep the body supported and in place.  Those with strong Capricorn and or Saturnian energies have to be careful of being attached to perfection and overly structured which can create arthritis.

Capricorn Polarities

Zealotry vs. Industry
Exacting vs. Ambitious
Miserly vs. Equitable

Balancing Capricorn Energies Through a Yoga Practice

Stay fluid.  Practice a more lyrical Vinyasa flow, with attention to breath.

Let perfection stay outside the mat.  The job is simply to enjoy, and be at peace.

You will probably set goals, but be kind to yourself and break them.  It’s called a ‘Practice’ for a reason.

Do poses that strengthen bones, especially in the upper body: Vasistasana, Bekasana, Titibhasana, hand stands, and jumping to Tadasana from Down Dog.

What a Capricorn Might Say

“Don’t compromise yourself. You’re all you’ve got.”   Janis Joplin, singer song writer of the 60’s, who committed suicide.  The crazy, the talented, the self-persecuted Janis Joplin, was a Capricorn, believe it or not. Part of her failure to survive was that she was too hard on herself and could not accept success, that, and never making peace with her father.  Two Capricorn possibilities that often make or break those with a powerful Saturn.