Pisces Overview

(February 22 – March 21)

Key Words “I Believe”

Pisces is a dual water sign symbolized by two fish tied together, swimming in opposite directions. Ruled by Neptune, God of the seas, Piscean territory can be one of dreams, or drugs, laziness, or creativity, fantasy or deception.  It can be the sign of the mystic or the mystified, the dancer, or the spazz.  It can create symphonies or escape in indulgence. Pisces deal with dualities, and that ensuing chaos, as well as compassion, creativity, visions and dreams. It is a water sign of great emotional sensitivity, desiring harmony, and wishing that the world be a kinder planet.

Because of their sensitivity, Pisces must be aware of their environments, which affect them profoundly. Not only their environment, but the foods they eat, the clothes worn, the friends they choose.  Their energies work on unconscious levels, receiving a multiplicity of information. Part of this adds to their compassionate natures, but it does not serve them if do not taking care of themselves first.  It can also add to their confusion and chaos as they absorb energy which does not suit them.  Neptune, ruling Pisces, is about spiritual connection to all things and beings.  We can get there through drugs, drink, dreams, prayer, chanting, music, and Yoga….all elements ruled by Neptune.

In the very last of winter, and as the last sign of the zodiac, Pisces holds first inklings of new birth and spring.  They are creative if they can harness their dreams.  They are intuitive as long as they are paying attention.  They hold the end and the beginning, and if they can harness that strong polarity within, they touch everyone they come in contact with as they ask us to lose ourselves in the great ocean of oneness.

Body Rulership

Neptune rules feet and shares the ankles with Aquarius.  Feet can be considered the end of the body, or the beginning, or both. The two directions of the Pisces-fish are like bound feet, struggling with going in opposite directions.  Because of not paying attention, they have been known to often sprain or break their ankles, and or have feet issues. This is also symbolic of often having difficulty in moving forward to take the next step, rather than hang back from fear.  Theirs is a struggle between participation and withdrawal, between individualizing, or morphing into the whole.

Pisces  Polarities





Balancing Pisces Energies through a Yoga Practice

If lost, take a moment to do Lion’s Pose, roar with that I can, I am Lion individuality.  This can offer balancing energy for Piscean bodies lost in too many dreamy undercurrents, or sacrificial seas.

Some winter babies tend to carry a bit of extra weight because of a slower metabolism. But this can protect and prolong life as they do not burn out, and they have reserves against the cold. Like Kapha Dosha, Pisces are supported by practicing Sun Salutations/Suryanamaskar, which stimulate the nervous system, open the chest and help with depression and weight.

Attention to the feet and ankles, keeping them flexible and strong, support their weak spot.  Go into Down Dog and lift each leg to circle the foot right then left.  Sit on the floor, with legs extended to flex and point the feet, both in parallel and turned out.

Practice with music that makes you feel wonderful.  The sensual nature of Pisces is fed by sound and light, scent and feel.

Make meditation part of the daily mat regime.  Connecting to higher and other powers can fuel a Neptunian psyche and support transformative desires.

What a Pisces Might Say

Dreamy and successful Drew Barrymore“Love is the hardest habit to break, and the most difficult to satisfy.”

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