Wellness Through Basic Self Care

Death2Self care promotes self confidence, restores equilibrium, and illuminates pathways where we take control of our health/read life. Ayurvedic self care is primarily about listening to what the body needs before it becomes ill.  The ancient system is focused on prevention, as well as servicing illness once apparant. It’s the sensible, preventative attention that makes it so powerful.

Yoga and Ayurveda are ancient Indian health systems, double edged swords, that work with the body’s imbalances. Becoming conscious to how, and who, we are, is one of Yoga’s primary gifts, for it supports resiliency, capacity, and elasticity.  Simply becoming aware of breath, opening lungs and heart, beckon greater life, less stress, plus they are strong defenses against asthma and allergies. Eating from the Ayurvedic Dosha system balances bodies, affording opportunity to grow stronger and self sufficient.  Both Ayurveda and Astrology are tuned from seasonal needs and basic drives that connect the body to earth’s energies.  These systems offer an ability to live in greater harmony with self within the cosmos, instructing a return to powers inherent in living with, and for, cycles in the Universe, not abstractly separate from.  Thousands of years ago, when Ayurveda medicine came into being, we were much more intertwined with Ma Nature, therefore routines, treatments, and reasoning were formed as practical responses to living well with the cycles and seasons. One of the more important routines is to begin and end each day with observance and honor to Universal Source….call it what you will.  Letting a few short minutes of joy, gratitude, and peace be part of the daily heart-space changes your world/our world.

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