Bitilasana & Marjaryasana

Cat | Cow

These poses are almost always done in conjunction-  Cat Cow Asana, and is a gentle opening warm up for the day, or a class.   Come to hands and knees, with  knees  below hips, and wrists under shoulders.   Head is part of the spine and moves with it, not separate from. Don’t let shoulder blades sink inward.  For Cat portion,  inhale, lift chest (head) and tailbone, drop belly.  You can do the poses separately, but why? simply exhale and return to your neutral table top, or move directly to the cat portion, which is the opposite of the Cow portion.  Contract the belly as you exhale, rounding spine, and dropping tailbone. and head, in line with spine.  Ergo- Cat Cow Vinasa, a gentle spine toner and warm up.

You can practice this with your eyes closed, bringing the breath into the vertabrae and opening them up.  You can also try breathing in the opposite way  ie, inhale during Cat, exhale in Cow.  It may feel wierd, but that’s the point….growing awareness.

Health Notes: Gentle spine toner, good opener, good for paying attention to breath.


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