Extreme Stretch or Forward Fold Pose

Asana: Uttanasana/Extreme Etretch Pose. An extreme stretch can be done in many forms, but one of it’s most popular is to stand on one leg, lifting the other behind, and diving for the floor.  This places you into ‘standing splits.’  Walk the hands back toward standing leg, and if you wish, balance by grabbing the ankle with both hands.  Keep the leg in the air tall and strong, toes engaged.

You can also take an extreme stretch by lifting arms up, lengthening torso, and on exhale reaching out and over to hang in forward fold.

However you decide to create inner space in Uttanasana, inhale to start and exhale to move into it.  Amazing meta-discoveries are made when new space is opened up in the physical body.

Health Notes: Strengthens legs, opens groins, improves balance, when done as standing splits.  Stretches hamstrings and back when done as a forward folding pose.


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