Virabhadrasana I

Warrior I

This is basic standing pose is a great place from which to take stock. It grounds the body, and offers a place to integrate and prepare.  Indeed, standing still, with attention to breath, we grow toward our inner warrior: simple/powerful/ready.

From Tadasana/Standing Pose, take a large step back on R foot . Bend L knee, extending R leg strongly back so that R foot plants into the earth, keeping arch lifted, foot turned out about 45 degrees, with energy moving to lift inner leg and pull outer leg and R foot back. The opposition of the L knee pulling forward and the R leg and foot pulling back is what creates the power of this pose.  Lift arms overhead, stretch torso up and back. To increase strength, deepen knee bend, and to expand torso, lengthen back, but do not drop into lower back, keep lifted as you extend.  Try to keep hips facing forward, but do not force them to be even.  When hips are tight, stand with feet slightly wider apart.

Health Notes:  Strengthens legs and back, calms the mind, and grows capacity by strengthening thigh muscles.