Urdhva Upavistha Konasana

Upward Facing Open Angle Pose Asana: Urdhva Upavistha Konasana. You can move into this pose either from a seated position, or by rolling back and forth, massaging spine, with knees curled at chest. Roll up to Sitts Bones, slowly extend legs up, grabbing big toes, or legs, while  keeping a steady Drishti/focus for balance.  You can also take… Read more »


Firefly Asana: Tittibhasana Firefly. An easy entrance to this Pose is from a low Malasana, feet open and wide, Sitts bones dropped toward the floor.  Place palms inside the feet, fingers face forward, open the elbows, placing back of thighs over upper arms. Keep chest relating to the floor, lift lower Bandhas,  release feet out, stretching… Read more »

Eka Pada Galavasana

Crossbow Balance Asana: A great pose of strong polarity where we are tethered to earth, yet lift off and ‘fly high’ through the power of holding the center. You can come at this from Utkatasana, (or tripod headstand.) The easier is from Utkatasana:  Feet together, extend arms up, bend knees, lift Bandhas, lengthen back, drop… Read more »


Shoulder Pressing Pose Asana:Bhujapidasana/Shoulder Pressing Pose. Spread the feet, bending the knees in order to place palms about 18 inches apart, between legs so you can rest the back of thighs on upper arms. Bend elbows, and exhale as you lift feet off floor, squeezing the knees over the arms.  Interlock ankles, lifting abdominal muscle… Read more »

Eka Pada Bakasana

One Legged Crane Pose Asana:  Eka Pada Bakasana/One legged Crane Pose. Many bodies struggle with this as it requires strength, balance, and flexibility in equal measure.  You can enter it from Bakasana, extending one leg back.  You can enter it from Plank, pulling one knee into the upper arm, releasing the back leg up.  You… Read more »


Peacock Pose Asana: Mayurasana/Peacock.  Not to be confused with Pincha Mayurasana/Tail feathers of the Peacock.  This is a down and dirty pose, requiring as much trial, error and re-do as the Pincha Version.  What is it about these graceful Birds that demand we grow tough and resilient through arms, legs and back? This Mayurasana begins… Read more »


Swan Pose Asana:Hamsasana/Swan-Another beautiful, impossibly difficult bird pose. The difference between last week’s Mayurasana/Peacock Pose, and this week’s Hamsasana lies only in the position of the hands.  In the Swan, fingers face forward, toward the head, making this more difficult than the Peacock. begin on all fours, Bend elbows, with forearms as close together as… Read more »