Hip Openers

Supta Baddha Konasana

You may wish to begin by sitting upright in Baddha Konasana, with knees bent, soles of feet pressing together, close to groin.  If there are knee issues, and or hips are tight and knees are in the air, place blocks under outside of knees for support. The ‘Supta’ or sleeping part of this asana is… Read more »

Baddha Konasana

Cobbler’s Pose Asana: Baddha Konasana/Cobbler’s Pose.  Sit on the floor, drawing the feet closely into the groin, soles together, knees on, or toward floor.  Lengthen spine, and gaze ahead, or close eyes.  Hands can rest on knees, or come into any mudra desired. You can also lengthen spine up and over legs, and restore while stretching… Read more »

Ananda Balasana

Happy Baby Asana: Ananda Balasana/Happy Baby. As you lie there, staring at the sky, feet and knees pulled back, tail bone pressing into the earth. Rock side to side and consider the Universe in which you find yourself .  Let awareness flood the body for all that you are learning, all that you have to… Read more »

Eka Pada Galavasana

Crossbow Balance Asana: A great pose of strong polarity where we are tethered to earth, yet lift off and ‘fly high’ through the power of holding the center. You can come at this from Utkatasana, (or tripod headstand.) The easier is from Utkatasana:  Feet together, extend arms up, bend knees, lift Bandhas, lengthen back, drop… Read more »

Janu Sirsasana

Head to Knee Pose Begin seated and draw the R foot in as high on inner L thigh as possible.  If R hip is unhappy with this, place a pillow or block under R knee.  You can also sit on a blanket or pillow to lift sitts bones, offering more mobility.  Inhale, extending spine up,… Read more »

Supta Virasana

Reclining Hero Pose Asana Supta Virasana-Reclining Hero Pose.  This is not a pose for the stiff kneed, bad back, or faint of heart.  There’s a reason it’s named a hero.  Begin on your knees, allowing hips to settle down between the feet.  This is Virasana Pose.  Keep knees as parallel and close to each other… Read more »


Fire Log Pose This is a pose easy for those with open hips.  It’s a killer accomplishment for those without.  It’s a simple pose of sitting and breathing your desire to become more hip-open, and it’s helpful if you can sit on padding.  Sit tall, bringing L foot under R thigh, outside hip line.  Stack… Read more »

Goddess Pose

Asana:  Goddess Pose.  Standing with legs wide, feet open out, take a breath and as you exhale, descend, bending knees, open thighs back, keeping knees over feet. Drop tailbone down, lift belly up and stay in pose for 10 breaths.  You can do Pranayama/breath work here, and form beautiful mudras within which to contemplate life…. Read more »