Crazy Love

Remarkable Love/First of a three part Valentine

If I have any chance at all in becoming remarkable, it is through and by the people who love me.  I grow from the gift of their generosity, their open-eyed non-judgment, and their ability to see inner lopsidedness and move beyond it.  They may not always like my behavior.  I do not desire or expect… Read more »

Heart Contact

Special Saturday 1st, 2011- 10:30 AM New Year’s Day Ritual   Let us call down the angelic source to see us through the high wire act of coming year.  Treat yourself to Pranayama, chant, Shakti-dance and Vinyasa heat, followed by restorative poses, perchance – space for revelation.  2011 is a four year, a Saturn energy. How… Read more »

I Will Remember You

Rib bones picked clean under a desert sky, finger bones sucked of their sweet marrow, and skulls stacked in columns, legacy of ancient rites are within and side by side to young bones, tender under soft skin, and high cheek bones stating beauty, hip bones swaying to and fro in warm winds, and brittle bones… Read more »

Soul Food

Our best friends remind us of the right stuff. They feed us soul food. They hold our hand when we cross risky roads. They’ve got our back. Crossing between an old life/old friends and new life/new found amis, I am constantly reminded how lucky we are in our vast array of friendships, how profoundly important… Read more »

Funny Valentines

February 5, 2010 #260 What a bizarre and curious thing is love; mis-matching partners with mis-shapen hearts; aligning the terrifying and the boring, the exacting and sloppy, the imaginary and all too real. Wowsa, sign me up for that conundrum! Indeed. If we ever knew the wild ride we were in for when we stepped… Read more »

Daimon or Dharma?

I have been thinking about how we tell our stories. Who lies beneath the plot-line? What is the paradigm creating each hour? day? Year? Who do I think I am? Is it legitimate? What is it I want to be? How much does my intention count toward manifestation? Is it all absurdly random? Why this… Read more »

Crazy Makes The Community

We recently saw the most magical film, “Lars And The Real Girl.” Film-making at its finest, if you ask me; tremendous ensemble work, psychologically on the money, not one misstep over the top, when going over would have been so easy. It was ripe with pathos, that wonderful rich, true pathos so difficult to create… Read more »

February 14th

Today’s the day we’ve arbitrarily assigned to hold the heart. That’s quite a dedication, delicious in its enigmatic beginnings. Valentine’s Day has been handed down through superstition, supposition, and an assortment of maybe this, maybe that. For it to have survived, and grown out of confusion and misinformation, it is clearly a need of the… Read more »