The Signs

Signs animate the planets. The sign a planet inhabts tells us it’s archtypal mission. In looking at a chart there are multiple levels, and complicating factors, but understanding basic ‘sign-language’ goes a long way to being able to use your planets in practical, helpful ways. As example, take the Moon who notifies us of our needs, especially emotional needs. She is our ‘mood-meter.’ Her mission changes within each of the signs, which answer the question, ‘what is the nature of your need, your mood-vibe’? When we meet the needs of say a Moon in Taurus, which is very body centric, sensuous, and grounded, then we are happy in moving, touching, being close to nature. You don’t ask the Moon of her needs, you ask the sign she inhabits. Signs have enormous impact on how each planet in their energy field expresses itself. Ask yourself, “What supports my happiness?”