Astrological Language

“The music of the spheres,” as Kepler put it, was a poetic description of the mystical logos, Astrology. What are the planets to us earthlings?  How do we interpret their influence? Can we accept the ‘fated’ energies of the planets?  Do we have free will? A conversation takes place, a multi-media event, amongst the energies of the stars, planets, earth and our mult-layered life. This conversation creates a reality, with and from their influences.  Sometimes our will speaks louder, especially if it’s a strongly conscious will. Other times fate moves over us…shouting commands as we whisper back.

Planets are ‘orbs of influence.’ They are archetypes.  They are symbols.  They have natures. They embody energies.  They speak to us in every moment.  We simply need to listen and learn their language, which is complex, many layered, mathematical, profoundly magical, but extremely practical, and helpful.  Moving through their cycles, our cycles, and earth’s cycles, offers opportunities of, renewal, regeneration and understanding.

If each body replicates the Universe, as within, so without, as above, so below, then mother nature is our nature. The rhythms vibrating within the seasons are simply another layer dancing our bodies. The ancient Chinese, the Indian. both east & west, and the Astrologic healing modalities all pay homage to working with nature’s basic elements of wood, fire, earth, metal, air, and sometimes ether.  Each season has dominant rhythms, and when we are aware of their vulnerabilities and strengths, we have more power to adjust our rhythms to that framework. We remain balanced, heal more easily, and move advantageously into unknown situations.

The basic Astrology Notes listed under each of the zodiac signs are from the seasons of Daily Breath Journal. They are brief sound bites that lay groundwork for the multi-layered energies comprising earth’s relationships to the universe. They are a beginning primer for someone interested in expanding and observing the influences at play in any given season, much like the Ayurvedic Notes.  Clearly there are many other planetary events intersecting in each moment, both personal and universal.  These Astrology notes are like background colors to spark your interest, and bring awareness into your mix of energies.

If you wish to know your personal energetic make up, the who are you? from a planetary perspective. Come for a personal consultation.


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