Shakti Yoga Danxes Wisdom Body Energies

Creating our Wisdom Body asks we integrate mind/body/emotion. It is not to ignore brain messaging but to bring internal awareness to the table first. Intuition becomes your primary tool. Then we turn to E.I. -Emotional Intelligence which explores and answers many ways and means of creating internal wisdom. Pay attention first to feelings and intuition. Begin creating a Wisdom body through five personal simple requests, then do the hard work of following them up.

Using Daniel Goleman’s, (creator of EI) primary list, helps define where and how we can learn in step-by-step fashion how to understand and manage our own emotions and feelings, as well as those of others. In this lens of self-awareness, you grow more objective, just as when using Astrology to stand back and take the long view, without judgment. This also gives others the opportunity to have their voice heard. 

Self Awareness- especially emotional self-awareness

Self Regulation- includes reflection, integrity, acceptance, thoughtfulness



Social Skills- which include the following: Self Management, emotional self control, adaptability, positive outlook, achievement orientation. Social Awareness: This includes Empathy and organizational awareness. Relationship Management- especially conflict management, teamwork, inspirational leadership, coaching or mentoring, influence

Of course, I love all aspects of Yoga as an all-embracing gift in the toolbox, but before any Yoga, listen to where and when you are joyful. Assess: How much time are you willing to spend to grow happiness? What nurtures your daily life, your heart, health, spirit, and emotions? How well do you listen to your body? How creative are you willing to be to have a sane and healthy life?

When Yoga is tailored to specific needs of mind-body, you see and feel yourself differently.  It expands intuitive receptivity to acknowledge emotional needs, anxiety, and spiritual desires. Are you able to partner yourself with loving acceptance? Discover then create a path that creates this within. If you already have all the love you need, then consider a Gift Certificate for someone in need…a perfect way to say, “I care. I wish to partner you as I partner myself.”  

Our job is to shine our light brightly so we may shift the energy in our world.  We have help from the Cosmos to do this.  New information updates us weekly to send us  on new journeys. I add my love to join your forces in creating a more beautiful world.  I welcome a greater spirit-consciousness as we stand side by side-steady, reaching out for one another to dance on. 

Yoga for depression, addiction, & fear

Personal sessions, as well as intimate group work are available. Struggling with Covid’s gifts of anxiety, depression, fear, and weight gain? Learn to boost metabolism, become mindful of destructive patterns, and old habits that anchor us to the past. Learn what triggers depression and anxiety, and how to head them off. Work with ‘Emotional Intelligence,’ retraining mind/body patterns. Learn to use layers of information and practices to integrate a nurturing consciousness. A toolbox of Yoga tips, Ayurveda basics of self-care, Meta Practices of affirmation and ritual, plus basic Astrological insights offer practices for acceptance and well being.

Restorative Sessions

A slow, gentle session teaches easy poses of self-care, with a focus on working with the vagus nerve to soothe anxiety. Gentle massage of neck, shoulders, hands and feet is a luxe gift to yourself, and or a friend. Adding subtle layers of mantra, mudra, and breath amplifies the release of old mindsets and habits that hold on to addictions and depression. A single session, or a series of classes offers a safe haven from office stress, injury, or depletion. Restorative Practices protect against burn-out, fear, and anger, building a refuge within by integrating new thought-paths and patterns of acceptance to create a healing center. A single session makes a thoughtful gift for a friend in need.

Private Classes for beginners, the injured, the timid, and those wanting to take their Practice to the next level.

Not ready to enter class? Want to slowly work with rebuilding an injury? Excited to learn difficult poses?  No time like the present to begin. A private class is a safe and lovely entry to kick-starting a personal Practice, one that supports and nurtures the strengths and limitations of your unique body. With a focus on personal alignment and body quirks; of learning to breathe through movement your body opens to greater assimilation. It’s an opportunity to address physical, and mental questions to understand how your body operates, what concerns you have, and how to meet them. The basics build a solid structure of confidence to return to time and again.

Injury Care: Whatever pain, illness, or injury you deal with, chronic or sudden, Yoga can provide gentle, layered approaches and new perspectives. Once injuries are healed, Yoga provides a path to staying fit without injury. Of course, you will always consult with your doctor first before working with alternative practices.

Corporate Classes & At Your Desk Yoga

A suggestion of office wellness: Having a Yoga class available during office lunch, or before and after work reduces stress, increases productivity. focus and energy. It is the perfect antidote to over-amped, demanding jobs. Presently, classes are available on Zoom, or by recordings.

One time special events such as: Office Chair Yoga, or a Partnering workshop to bring teams and people together, teaching trust and empathy.
Desk Yoga teaches a 15-minute relaxation technique, using breath & stretch. Special attention to necks, eye strain, wrists with carpal tunnel, and/or headaches. Hour classes available for fully dressed chair-stretch to open backs and chest, release necks, and wrists, soothe tired eyes, lengthen hamstrings, and open hips. Presently, classes are available on zoom, or by recordings.

In Office Lec-dems:

De-stressing to the Bone Moves for happy-health  Expanding creativity from breath and movement Moving from A to Z~ Understand how to prioritize using the body as guide Connect and regenerate through breath & meditation. Expand the CEO in you: Increase confidence, connection, and Work with essential oils, mudras, and mantras to layer and lift well being.

Stretching for Sports Warriors

Want to up your game? Looking for increased flexibility & strength, while decreasing injuries? Learn tools to focus your ‘game plan.’ challenge and answer your body’s needs and special requirements to be at top performance levels. Balancing, strengthening, and lengthening tips and techniques for golfers, runners, bikers, tennis hotshots, Ultimate players, even gardeners.

Yoga is a profound tool to support the re-alignment and re-configuration of old habit patterns that create injury, stress, and dis-ease. The way we view and use the body in unconscious everyday habits builds imbalances creating injuries. With knowledge, and dedication, small stepping stones regenerate and re-align both the physical and metaphysical.