Astrological Consultations

Why An Astrological Consultation?

From 25 years as a practicing Astrologer, I offer perceptive, psychological, planetary insights into your life.  Reading your chart is akin to reading the soul’s choices on taking an incarnation.  It is a blueprint of your past, present, and future.  It speaks of your potential, and your fears, your talents, and your foibles. Our session offers a toolbox to awaken greater consciousness and intuition.  It speaks from an objective, non-judgmental viewpoint so that you can step into an expanded life. As a learning tool, Astrology is like no other, especially in its ability to reveal patterns and layers within.  Understanding your individual cycles and symbols helps you know who you really are, AND what you came here to do. 

I will hold up a mirror so you see yourself differently.  I will offer ideas for maximizing your potential, clarify what blocks forward movement, and how and when to prepare the next steps, and when those next steps might appear.  

As a Taurus Sun, I seek practical, tangible results.  From my psychological 12th house emphasis, I work metaphysically, and spiritually so your inner life and outer life become a stronger alchemical combination.  Even in difficult cycles, we find profound value and meaning.  One of Astrology’s gifts is understanding planetary cycles, so you know when tough times will end, as well as how to prepare for their beginning. Operating in co-operation with planetary energies makes you more strategic.  It gets you ahead of the game, and you are offered a greater capacity for choice, of feeling more in control, and the satisfaction of understanding how you are a complicit partner with the Universe.

To schedule an appointment, Email Samantha at, or call (508) 505-7700


Check: Samantha Cameron, 1 Edson Rd. Natick,  MA  01760

* Cancellations require 48 hours notice. I will refund 50% of your fee for missed sessions.

Sessions are recorded and delivered via ZOOM, Skype or over the phone.

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