Full & New Moons

The emotional body, ruled by the Moon needs extra self care throughout 2020 and beyond. In order to get through the pandemic and the political quagmire, our lunar-self must be nurtured. It cannot be an ‘oh by the way,’  With three major planets passing through patriarchal, demanding, masculine Capricorn, we need to create balance with f demands of doing-diligence to climb ever higher, it’s opposite sign of Cancer, ruled by the Moon, is struggling to maintain the feminine qualities of care, empathy,  and compassion.

Knowing where and how the Moon is – informs us of how and when we can take better care of the emotional body.  Lunations are signposts of what supports feelings and nurturing, what hinders and holds us back.


1  Spend quiet time viewing subconscious behavior. 

Are you eating sugar, drinking more than normal, having bad dreams, etc.  Spend time journaling, talking with a true friend, walking in nature…ask what you need to know, what is trying to come through.  Remember if it’s a big unknown –to set intention at the New Moon to find your way in or toward the issue.  At the Full Moon thank the heavens for providing the answers.   You may not know everything, but you will know more,

2  Create habits of care.  Create a routine with the lunations.  Not only will it support the emotional body but it connects you to Universal Source and to the earth as she spirals around the Sun.  It’s a satisfying connection to have.  It grounds us, gives known points of reference, it reminds us to go out and stand under the starry firmament and see your tiny place.

3  What do you need to stay safe?  Make a list.  Include the ‘dumb stuff’ as that’s usually the most important.  Bring a greater awareness to your needs now.  It’s like all else for this upcoming time.  We must plan and prepare as much as possible.

4  What are your relationship needs and how can you fulfill them- AND What emotional nurturing can you offer others?  despite covid? Make a list of your go-to friends, wherever they live.  Ask them if they 

would stand in witness to your life, meaning you don’t need or want advice, money, even bad jokes.  What you need is for them to be as they are in witness, and love of you.  They are your silent, stalwart angel force at the ready to fill you with light and love.  You will feel it, and the more you practice, the more you will feel.  Are you willing to do the same?

5. Hold fast to inner wisdom as we shift from old to new, unknown to known,  fear to courage.  Create a habit of setting quiet time to listen to your intuition, your gut, and  how you physically respond.  Trust that more than anything.  There is so much untruthful, fear mongering info out there, don’t let them hijack you!

New moons

New moons are a time to set intentions, to move inward, into silence, reframe desires, and rest as there’s not as much energy available.

12-14 New Moon Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius. Due to big contrapuntal energies around this lunation, wait to take action.  It’s a confusing time with big planetary movement all week. You exuberant Sagittarians, bite your tongue and take a big breath as this is NOT a New Moon in which to rush in .

11-14  New Moon in Scorpio.  Go deep.  Be sexy, ferret out secrets and lies, redefine your power. Be in a continued regenerative state of transformation.

10-16 New moon in Libra.  Be more strategic. Reach out to friends and enemies, find beauty in mundane moments.  Balance everything!

9-29 All things Saturnian rise up as Saturn Stations Direct, and as once again Mars squares Saturn. Visualize peace as there are going to be a lot of bodies pushing back against restriction and rule of law.

9-22 Autumn Equinox.  Take time out to honor the earth, pray for her and all beings upon her.  It is a sacred time.  Clear and clean in order to renew and begin again.

9-17 New Moon in Virgo.  Pay attention to health habits, thought processes, be kind in your desires to improve self and others.

8-24  We are ‘driving with the brakes on,’ As Mars squares Saturn. Be aware of possible hard right turns that then stop.

8-18 New Moon in Leo.  Be joyous, child like, share yourself, be creative!

8-15 could be very wacky as Uranus stations to go Rx (Retrograde)  Expect and prepare for chaos, and sudden, unexpected events!

7-20 New Moon in Cancer. The Black Moon: emotional, family oriented, nurturing, deeply personal.  As it was a Black Moon, it’s influence runs under us for coming 2 ½ years!  


Full moons are a time of greater understanding. Often secrets or unknown facts become available. It’s often a time we get answers to something we have been working on.

12-29 Full Moon Cancer/Capricorn. Balance the feminine and masculine by paying attention to how much you receive and how much you give. It’s been a driving year of Capricorn demand, so make sure your lunar, nurturing self is cared for so that you leap into 2021 centered, stable and ready for action.

11-30 Lunar Eclipse Gemini/Sagittarius.  This is the thinking/idea polarity.  Pay attention to big picture and small. Stay informed.  For all Gemini’s and Sagittarians especially~big events around this time!

10-31 Full Moon Taurus/Scorpio. Be sensual, soothe your body and the body of the earth.  Be strategic in handling others.

10-4 Tying into the ‘sis boom bah’ of the Full Moon is Pluto Stationing Direct. As if that’s not enough, it squares feisty Mars on the 9th.  Do be careful!  Do not mess with the dark side and there is going to be a lot of that.  Surround yourself in light and chant “shanti shanti shanti’ for the world.

10-1 Full Moon Libra/Aires.  A great time to partner yourself, and others with greater care and attention. Pay attention to incoming information and use it advisedly.

9-29 All things Saturnian rise up as Saturn Stations Direct, and as once again Mars squares Saturn

9-12 Jupiter stations to move direct.  Note all things rolly-polly, exuberant, more is more, educational, ethical, with society on parade.

9-1 Full Moon Pisces/Virgo.  Dream big, Feel deep. Grow ‘One-ness.’ 

 8-12 brings a brew of fury with possible dangers.  Stay very awake and aare with Mars squaring Pluto,  

8-3 Full Moon Aquarius/Leo.  Think outside the box.  Listen to new ideas offered by another. This is the sign of peership, where all are equal. It is also a signature of rebellion. May be a hot time in the old town!


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