No one is sleeping well these days as lives turn upside down in Covid fears of illness, death, and financial loss.  Sleep is what we need more than anything to stay sane, and take on the future.  The following Tool Box Tips are basic reminders that you can take charge of your restless nights.   They are all simple practices, but like anything else, they need nightly attention.

Notes for Sleepy Sustenance:

  • Get grounded which means no blue lights in bed; no wifi, phone, laptop, or Ipad. The electromagnetic field within the body is highly sensitive to the Electromagnetic field without.  Blue light jangles the nervous system.
  • Turn off the chicharo of the mind by writing down what’s in the monkey-mind with a to-do list for tomorrow. 
  • Journaling a few pages page is helpful to acknowledge the emotional baggage we are laying on the pillow
  • Both Meditation, and /or a breath practice calm anxiety, and reduce high blood pressure.  Practiced together they are a gift of gold. If you have never meditated, or done breath-work, look for a good podcast, book, or workshop~ all virtually available. 
  • Take long sweet stretches that relax muscles.  Lengthen the exhale, consciously letting go of the day and any worries.  Visualize dropping the turmoil into the earth.  If you do Yoga, do a Shoulder Stand, or a supported one with knees bent.  Or, lie on your back, place your hips on a block, extend your legs in the air.  Get comfortable, close your eyes, open the palms, surrender.
  • Take a long warm bath with Epsom salts before or after stretching.  Listen to dreamy songs as you sink down into the water’s embrace. 
  • Drink a ‘sleepy tea’, and/or take herbal therapies such as passionflower, valerian root, melatonin, or magnesium.  Drink warm milk, perhaps returning to a childhood treat.  
  • A teaspoon of potato starch in water helps with blood sugar control and improves gut bacteria helping to get a healthy night.
  • Use essential oils, lavender being the most popular, but also ylang ylang, or Roman chamomile.
  • Pay attention and get some sun, at least 20 minutes each day. Sunlight triggers the brain to release chemicals regulating sleep cycles.
  • Set up regular schedules for as much as possible.  The body responds to rhythms.  It’s why it loves to dance.  It also makes us feel safer.  We come to depend emotionally on cycles, such as going to sleep every night.
  • Make your bedroom a sanctuary for sleep.  Use favorite soft colors, preferably in blue/lavender spectrum. Create a space for meditation with a soft blankie.  Whatever floats a serene sleep ship.
  • If on-going sleep eludes, get professional help.  There are many helpful books, as no one is sleeping well.  Try “The 8-Hour Sleep Paradox” by Dr. Mark Burhenne.