Who Is Samantha?

Yoga like love, opens closed doors. Yoga, as spirit, opens doors to willingness. Yoga, as a physical Practice, opens the unique connective-doors of body/mind/emotion waiting within each being. My work, my sustenence as a teacher is opening Yoga’s many doorways in order to nurture, support, and expand a life. This alchemical transformation of the mat is linked time and again to that off the mat. Here, we learn courage to take the next step ~ be it a headstand, a longer Pranayama, an arm balance. It is like a new job, a new relationship, or a big move. We are unearthing vulnerability, resilience and a regenerative capacity to grow.

When students enter the studio door, I ask ~ “What are you seeking? What do you need? What are you willing to try?” My desire is to make their Yoga-Journey not only joyous, expansive, and couragous, but to offer a unique structure to their needs. A student once said my classes were like a prayer. I return to this time and again to listen and observe without judgment, offering to meet a body where it is, not where it thinks it should be.

“Yoga like love opens closed doors.”

I instruct beginners through advanced. I am committed to a strongly physical Vinyasa Practice with anatomical alignment, and injury-free movement. Class doorways include: Asana, Pranayama, mudra, mantra, and connecting to the earth in her seasons, and solar/lunar cycles. The art of Shakti Dances, with their emphasis of uniquely linking Asanas that dance the mat are often part of class offerings, along with the responsibility of accepting the body’s needs, limitations, and gifts.

Professional Experience

DAILY BREATH YOGA SCHOOL. Founder/Program Designer/Instructor. Natick, MA Yoga Alliance 200 RYT Accreditation

The school’s curriculum invites students with limited time to participate in advanced studies and/or the 200 Hour Certification process. Modules include: Asana, Sanskrit of Poses, Alignment, Sequencing, Anatomy, Subtle Body, The Sutras, Pranayama, Ayurveda, Teaching Methodology, and Assisting. A monthly Salon supports psychological and philosophical explorations.


This Journal connects Yoga to life. Over 400 ‘Breaths’ have offered an international readership the opportunity to explore ambiguity, mystery and paradox. As an Astrologer, I bring awareness of energetic forces and their affect on the body. As an alchemist, I offer bodies ways and means of changing a point of view. As a dance and Yoga instructor, I share the healing and power of movement to make the ordinary~extraordinary.

International Yoga Instructor, teaching in Spanish & French:  Workshops at Yoga Congreso de Valencia, Aix en Provence,  Avignon                                                                                                        

SHAKTI YOGA DANCES and SHAKTIDANCES.COM. Creator/Instructor. MA | CA | France | Spain

Shakti Yoga Dances are an original collaboration of Yoga and dance. They are ‘asanas that dance the mat,’ creatively weaving breath, seasonal energies, mudra, mantra, and bandha into movement. Videos and teaching manuals support the graduates of the Shakti Yoga Dance Teacher Training and Certification. I instruct internationally in Spanish, French, and English.

See Shaktidances.com for more information & Shakti Dance videos.

WELLESLEY COLLEGE. Instructor/Advisor/Choreographer. Wellesley, MA

Instruct Modern and Jazz technique classes for beginner to advanced. Advise and choreograph for the Wellesley College Dancers. Conduct yoga wellness programs, alumni workshops and provide yoga sessions for the President of Wellesley College. Awarded 4 Multi-Media Grants for performances and workshops connecting dance to the arts: Black Womanhood at the Davis Museum | The Arts In Dance | Dancing from the Right Brain | Images of Saints & Sinners.

WORKSHOPS, RITUALS & CLASSES. Creator/Instructor. MetroWest, MA

On going Workshops: Shakti Yoga Dances | Opening Doors~Linking Life | Yoga Mala for Solar Aid | Yoga for NEASC/commission of Higher Education | Change Agents I & II | Yoga & Astrology | Mandalas of Yoga | Linking Asana | Partnering Trust | Heart Care | Partner Stretches | The Valentine Heart. Yearly Rituals at Solstice and Equinox Quadrants at Daily Breath Yoga School. Ongoing Weekly Classes at Laughing Dog Yoga, Wellesley, MA & Blue Lotus Healing Arts & Yoga, Needham, MA.

Provide in-depth soul-centered planetary information of personal energies.  Look at life from an impersonal, non-judgmental view to see how you can grow more in tune with life.

The past:  SUN VALLEY DANCE. Founder/Performer/Choreographer/Instructor. Sun Valley, ID

Established Sun Valley Dance Department and Sun Valley Dance, a small touring company, as a division of the Sun Valley Arts Center. Organized and instructed classes, multi media workshops, and summer dance programs in Modern, Ballet and Jazz, and performed solos for fundraisers and summer festivals.

LAUGHING STOCK THEATRE COMPANY. Choreographer/Performer. Sun Valley, ID

Educational Certificates:

E-RYT 500 CERTIFICATION Led by Daniel Orlansky. The Arlington Center, MA




40-HOUR PRANAYAMA INTENSIVE.   With Yoganand Michael Carroll. Kripalu, MA

M.A. IN CHOREOGRAPHY. University of California Los Angeles, CA (Teaching Scholarship)

NYC: Limon Company | Jennifer Muller | Mathew Diamond | Alvin Ailey Studio | Martha Graham Studio | Finis Young/Ballet

ABROAD: Luigi/ Jazz & Jazz Centre, Paris | Flamenco, Madrid

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Kelly sanders

I’m interested in taking your yoga teacher training where can I find that info 🙂


Kelly, I don’t know when you sent this? I’m assuming a while ago? But it just popped up on my radar and I wanted to respond. If you are still interested, email me at: samcatcameron@gmail.com I do have an on-going 200 series in the works as I write, and you would be welcome to join.
Thanks for the inquiry, and apologies if I did not respond when sent.


How time does fly. As we enter 2014, it will be 10 years I have been going to your classes. I enjoy your creativity and the graceful movements your extensive dance training has brought to our practices. While I never cosidered myself the most coordinated when it comes to dance, your dance like movements allow me to dream and to go somewhere wonderful for 1.5 hours. My husband and I have found peacefulness and community at your classes. Thank you for changing my body and my husband’s body. He was looking stooped and felt stiff, but now his shoulders are straighter and he feels lithe and younger. I have tried other classes, but your classes always have a range of ages, a lot of men, couples, and individuals who beat to their own drums. You welcome them all into your sweet embrace and with your humor and humanity. It is a testament that last Saturday you had over 30 students in class. Thank you for taking us on our yoga journeys. I wish you continued success and prosperity that you so deserve.


I’m so honored by your comment, never mind the time you took to write & arrange. Wow! How lucky am I, and how lucky we are to have you dancing in this Yoga Tribe. Many many blessings your way.

Rob Bennink

Hi Samantha, Bouncing between Vero Beach and the Cape, the one constant that I cherish is a love of Yoga that takes me to a place that is mine. I wandered into your class at the Boston Sports Club in Wellesley on a recommendation from a club member, peered in, saw 20 svelt Wellesley super Moms and no guys, tried to back out… You said, “Please stay!”. I did and your classes changed the way I saw myself… And the 20 women were great, accepting and welcoming! Thanks!


Wow, Rob-what a lovely thing to write. Hope you know how much I appreciate you taking time….especially after all this time. Thrilled that Yoga has had an opportunity to change your life, and you must know that the Yoga tribe is always happy to see your return-especially moi.
Gratefully -samantha


Your imagery and reflection-inducing phrases give me inspiration. Thank you for doing what you do.
(one of the countless others of seduction)


If I’ve inspired you, then it’s a life well-lived. If I’ve seduced you, then we’re even.
Like Luna, reflecting you back.


Samantha is light, love and laughter. Time and distance do not hold her. Like the sun and the moon ever around you, never gone. Smiles that warm. A spirit that dances at the the edge of all your senses. Kissing and enfolding with the knowing of time. Moving like mercury, heavy ,shining, and impossible to hold, shimering and reflecting the light of god. Love to you my dearest soul.



Wow, had I known I was all that, you’d think I might fly…might try it anyway. Falling is good. My spirit with yours despite every complication, all distance.


Dear Sam,
I just want to say that you are the best yoga teacher I have ever had! I wish you could follow me and come to Spain to share your knowledge of yoga, daily breath and astrology with spanish yoga teachers.
“Great teachers give us a sense not only of who they are, but more important, of who we are, and who we might become. They unlock our energies, our imaginations, and our minds. “, Samantha does all of this and she keeps us in shape with her yoga!
Lot’s of love from your prima,


Daily Breath has inspired me, healed me and educated me. My transformation began in 2005 upon meeting Samantha. I didn’t know it at the first breath, but I started a journey within. Yoga, Yoga, Yoga…my new love, obsession and career. Samantha my friend and mentor has taken me in as her student and helped me become a teacher. I speak of Yoga…but much more. She has inspired me to live slower, feel and breathe deeper and listen longer. Samantha’s knowledge of Yoga, Ayurvedic, Dance, Astrology and Life are endless. She shares it all without hesitation. The simplest of pleasures now reveal spiritual secrets. Life’s challenges become awakenings and opportunities. This is all waiting for you. Life with Samantha is full.


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