Noteworthy Astrology

12-20 Jupiter enters Aquarius, expanding Aquarian ideals of brotherhood and sisterhood, and Venus hugs the wounded healer, Chiron.  Visualize these as symbols for our entry into a wiser World order, and healing for our divided country. Come 2021 may we say with heart and conviction, “One nation, undivided, with liberty and justice for all.”

Nov. 15 Jupiter & Saturn in Capricorn grow closer together until they break out into Aquarius- ‘The Great Conjunction’ -Dec. 21.  Saturn moves into Aquarius Dec. 18, and Jupiter on Dec. 20th.  Saturn ask what’s the expansion going to cost?  What are the constraints, rules and regulations?  I’m putting the brakes on! At Great Conjunctions, there are always changes in leadership. The two together may help us question Capricorn authority.  Who do we give our power to?  Jupiter questions our integrity, and raises legal questions. (What is integrity?  It’s what you do when no one is watching)  This is a key concept all this year and next. The last time Jupiter and Saturn came together in Capricorn was 1284-85. Money was a barter system.  Money became more concretized. The Templars who protected money and travelers were the first bankers.  They were overthrown by nasty Phillip IV of France who wanted their power and lands. He accused them of heresy… continuing the endless abuse of power.

New technologies of money will appear.  We grow more decentralized.  We change our relationship to money.; to the agreements of what is fortune.  We’re not connected to gold.  Decentralization of  the banks occurs. Our relationship to money and values are changing.  This leads to a new paradigm of growth. 

11-12 The third pass of Jupiter conjunct Pluto in Capricorn.  Pay attention to the possible spread of Covid, or Covid beginning to morph.

11-3  THE ELECTION & MERCURY STATION DIRECT.  Do everything you can to create right use of will and law to see the US of A step up and do the right thing, Retrograde or no Rx

10-18 May be a re-defining time with the Sun, ego and identity squaring Saturn, begging the question “are you good enough?”  Say “YES!” On the 19th Mercury- the small mind opposes Uranus- the big mind.  You might be a genius!  Or mad as a hatter.  You will probably be a bit chaotically lost in an idea or conversation.  Just go back and start over.

10-13 Mercury Stations Rx,-last Retrograde for 2020. He will Station Direct on Election Day.  Chaos, Chads,  the bad boys are going to be on this create even more mayhem.  Keep your cool.  Write your state to VOTE BY MAIL.  It’s critical. Going to assume Russia, Trump and partners will be busy trying to bypass law and order by creating technical glitches etc. Be sure you back-up and save everything important.  Prep this time by signing any important papers beforehand.  Don’t buy a car or any technology during these 3 weeks of Rx. Visualize the leader you want. Visualize the right rule of law being followed.  Taste the happiness on hearing Biden wins. Don’t let fear rule

10-4 Tying into the ‘sis boom bah’ of the Full Moon on the 1st, is Pluto Stationing Direct. As if that’s not enough, it squares feisty Mars on the 9th.  Do be careful!  Do not mess with the dark side and there is going to be a lot of that.  Surround yourself in light and chant “shanti shanti shanti’ for the world.

9-29 All things Saturnian rise up as Saturn Stations Direct, and as once again Mars squares Saturn. Visualize peace as there are going to be a lot of bodies pushing back against restriction and rule of law. 

9-22 Autumn Equinox.  Take time out to honor the earth, pray for her and all beings upon her.  It is a sacred time.  Clear and clean in order to renew and begin again.

9-12 Jupiter stations to move direct.  Note all things rolly-polly, exuberant, more is more, educational, and ethical on parade.

9-9 Mars Rx Stations Retrograde in Aires!   Guard yourself well, take extra care when driving, or working with sharp machines, knives, and tongues enflamed with anger.  Yes, that one! Expect extra mayhem as the Sun squares the 6/5 Eclipse point, AND  trines Jupiter to make it ALL BIGGER! 

8-24  We are ‘driving with the brakes on,’ As Mars squares Saturn. Be aware of possible hard right turns that then stop.

8-15 could be very wacky as Uranus stations to go Rx (Retrograde)  Expect and prepare for chaos, and sudden, unexpected events!

8-12 brings a brew of fury with possible dangers.  Stay very awake and aare with Mars squaring Pluto,  


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