Class Videos of Yoga, Pilates, & Short Awesome Day Tutorials


“It takes time so that the house of the body can hold its talent. You are in competition with the person you can become.” This oh so true quote by the iconoclastic Martha Graham perfectly describes an important reason for our Yoga Practice. We stand the mat to grow deeper into life, to expand body, mind, emotion, and spirit toward essence, toward soul expression.


Pilates is a dish best served in bites. Do what you can easily chew before taking the next bite. Nelson Mandela said, “It always seems impossible until it’s done.” When you do this deep core work, you will be pleased and amazed at conquering what first may have seemed impossible… then you get to howl in delight at the end.

Awesome Day Tutorials

Simple, seated heart-opening poses invite courage, joy, connection, and self-acceptance. Awesome Day invites you to practice basics; feeling the spine grow supple, and breath connects to the body. Life flows from here!