Well Being

Through Self-care

Self-care is often the art of coming home to Self, to listen, to question and explore what is needed for healing and peace of mind. My wellness-work is energy-based with the purpose of expanding consciousness.  A focus to growing consciousness creates a strong ‘Emotional Intelligence,’ with the ability to listen to the spoken word, and the silent thought; To move into the physical body from a metaphysical intention. When we are ‘home with Self, psychological, emotional, and spiritual are woven into alchemical elixirs that express joyfully through meditation, dance, Yoga, poetry, music, even breath. As a Yoga instructor, ex-dancer, Astrological counselor, or writer, I have found that creating small, personal rituals of care make everything better. From experience, I’ve learned all of life can be healing-centric.

 “If you are seeking information, affirmation, encouragement and illumination with a side order of mysticism, seek Samantha. I speak from years of direct experience!”

Karen Mulhern

Self-care is a practice that enriches with time and trust. All you need is a desire to develop your gifts, the fortitude to stay committed, and the intention to dialogue with your body each day. Listen to its wisdom. the body does not know how to lie. If you are unsure of what it needs, ask it. Then learn to listen. From simple, daily practices you learn to use energy wisely, you grow resilience and strength, and you expand your capacity to help others change.

In this time of Covid, we all need greater skills dealing with depression, fear, and anxiety. One of the great gifts of this time is to begin to pay attention to enhancing your vitality, your joy, and inner strengths. It’s not an ‘oh by the way practice.’ It may be a life-saving practice.

Basics include: Purposely creating joy and laughter for yourself, or with a friend. Focus on creating a bedroom ritual for better sleep and sweet dreams. Be comfortable slowing life down, listening more, meditating longer. Don’t let the computer be your boss. Don’t sit too long in front of any screens Create a practice building resilient strength, especially for the spine. Pay attention to deconstructing negative habits of thought and movement….like walking to the fridge ten times a day, instead of the dog. Take the time to nurture before you become ill, or too depressed.

For further information go to listed specific Notes. The short, go-to-tools will increase confidence, equilibrium, and illuminate how you can take more control of daily habits. If you want to move more, go to my videos. Partake in a class, or part of a class. Don’t feel you have to take a big bite. Au contraire, small, on-going dedicated steps win the day.  Self-care is about listening to what the body needs before it becomes ill. 

“I have taken Samantha’s yoga classes and have also had my chart read by her. She is an absolutely magical and mystical teacher. I highly recommend her.” 

– Nicole Losurdo

Some of the reasons Yoga is health-helpful is it works with the body first, knowing the mind will follow to heal imbalances. The Practice builds inner and outer muscles of capacity, and elasticity.  Becoming aware of breath, opens lungs and heart for greater life force, leaving less room for stress, and fear. The art of Pranayama assists with asthma and allergies. Eating from the Ayurvedic Dosha system balances different body types, aiding digestion. Both Ayurveda and Astrology take their knowledge from seasonal cycles and energies, supporting the body’s connection to nature. These are systems offering opportunity to live in greater harmony with nature, with the cosmos, with Self.

The short notes of Self Care are go-to-tools and ideas for you to increase: confidence, and equilibrium, to illuminate how you can take more control of daily habits. Self-care is about listening to what the body needs before it becomes ill.  They are practical, preventative and powerful.  In creating the abundance of health, begin and end your days by singing a song of gratitude.