Weekly Astrology

jan. 22-Feb. 1


Bathed and born again under the Aquarian New Moon, we swim in the archetypal language of community, uniqueness, freedom, and love.  The Sun and Moon rebirth in the first degree of Aquarius is a revolutionary call for change, leading society out of a worn-out top down masculinity into a new sisterhood/ brotherhood of mutual support and understanding.

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Jan 14-21, 2023


In a watershed year of many big shifts, and 300 year -‘hasn’t happened since then events’, we enter a week that is a dancing dress rehearsal of how we might handle the multiplicity of changes.  Be on your toes to move onward into 2023’s crazy, confused, and anxious watershed months ahead. Are we magical mermaids? Grumpy human? or Inspired Beasts? Now, halfway into January, what have we learned and what do we do with it?  Have we handled the difficult ‘reverse motion’ of Mars Rx?  Have we learned to transmute with greater flexibility, or remain in fear? What do our bodies need as we leap forward? Emotions have run high, and for many, rage has risen.  Did we stifle it, or learn to dismantle and deal with it in better ways? 

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Jan. 5-12, 2023


In Western Astrology, this year begins flowing under the tender, nurturing, watery flow of a Full Moon in Cancer, on the 6th.  Cancer is the energy of a good mother, deep emotion, and inner resources.  In Vedic Astrology, this lunation is called Punavarvasu, meaning “return of the light.”  The Vedic goddess Aditi resides in Punarvas, meaning ‘boundless,’ representing infinite possibility, especially creative possibility.  What wonderful energy to dream under, and visualize adventures for this coming time!  These will be inner as well as outer adventures as one of the callings of 2023 is to grow more aware of our emotional body, and open wider to our passions.  This is a Venus year in many ways.  (If you wish to know specific times when Venusian joy- juice flows, then attend my Astrological Overview, for Non-Astrologers, this Sunday!)

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Dec. 28, 2022 -Jan.8, 2023


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Dec 4-12


Despite the uplift of forward planetary action by Jupiter and Neptune now direct, warrior-god, Mars, is traveling inward and ever backward until mid- January of ’23.  Because he is personal, we are more aware of him missing in action, as it were. We need to be more aware of our dance, and re-design Accordingly. Do you feel a dimming of ambition, a lack of energetic-go, and/ or lumpy speed bumps as you initiate action? It’s very helpful to have the balancing reserves of Saturn at hand as his energy supports forethought, planning and better construction, all of which a Mars retrograde needs.  If you find yourself frustrated, angry, even ‘inflamed’ stop the press, re-design your choreography and re-anchor, especially when in verbal confrontations.  Mars is in the chatty, questioning sign of Gemini, therefore conversations need careful construct, and a thoughtful approach, especially if it’s meaningful for you.  

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December 13, 2022

The hill behind the house lies bare

The hill behind the house lies bare
Shadowed eerily in cloud,
A figure stands alone with the North East wind as shroud.
She turns to leave then hesitates, hearing squadron pride,
Silhouettes on sunset’s wing with the arc of the world as guide.
She waits, a silent beacon,
Her yearning calls~ “Come here!”
Desire fixed on longing seeks communion peer.
The left-wing Sergeant feels her and tilts the squadron’s shear
Close by to let her listen wing spans sounding silk.
‘Whish, whish’ she holds her breath to hear
Rehearsed-circles rise,
Crying the “All clear.”
She bides each eve at vesper-light, eyes fastened on the hill
Willing God to land in feathered, squawking drill.
Muscled breasts stretch landing glides, Sentries stand the guard,
Others dream the onward flight, impatient, but resolved.
Too long they’ve lingered on
Knowing she cannot part.
They wait upon the signal 

Hope lit within a lonely heart.