Weekly Astrology

Turn The Page, Pilgrim

Turn the page, pilgrim

Journey on this day

As a new story awaits, with miles to cover.

Turn the page, pilgrim

Turn and dare write the unknown

Not as fiction but as life

No scribbled regret, or layered truths,

No half-hearted try’s.

Turn the page and leap upon it,

Full-throated in your song of songs.

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February 15-22


What we idolize, asks for the moon.

What we demonize remembers what it lives without.

The pillaged psyche strews torn clothing

For imagination to pick up and fold anew.

What we pray for and now regret

Curves itself around truth

Wanting only to unbend the lie, the hidden curse.

Don’t lets ask for the moon

When we have the stars.

Call it what you will, this week offers the world a moment to consider what 2021 is all about. In non-Astrological terms, it is the push and shove of two very oppositional, complex energies that will either force a change of plans, enliven where we are with new opportunity, or be an irresistible force of transmutation….possibly all three!  These energies are embedded in the Saturn/Uranus square which has been moving into place since Winter Solstice of 2020.  Evolved Aquarian bodies want to find freedom and individuality in order to lead authentic lives.  The Saturn blockage says, ‘not so fast, there are rules, policies and structures that must be adhered to.  We know that Uranus will win.  It is more powerful than Saturn, but Saturn never surrenders.  It hangs on until it is in shreds and must crawl away to rebuild its psyche.

What each of them sees is antithetical to the other.  One works without a net, the other is the net.  Vision is awarded to Uranus as the outer-limit, intuitive conduit. Saturn’s sight is grounded in physical dimension, only what is seen is real.  While trying to remain true to self, nurturing our unique needs and wants, we must also expand to include the tribe.  In this time of breakthrough and breakdown we are working within old systems and policy that no longer nurture. We are ‘Covid-impatient’ to move on, How far can we push our agenda before squashing another’s?  This week, be very wary of pushing too far, too fast.  A new reality, a new era, a new, far more equitable world is forming.  Yet we face set- backs, reality checks, and disappointment.  Now is the time to know all you do is sacred.  Now is the time to know irresistible forces are creating a higher consciousness.  Our job is to be prepared to radically step into the unknown, and shift, without destroying everything. 

The earth may rebel and throw up its own under the immense forces of this square.  We may see tsunamis, huge storms, earthquakes, and unexpected, destabilizing events.  Just remember that same energy is also at work in your psyche.


A  RITUAL MOMENT: Sit with intention.  Close your eyes. Open up the third eye. Listen to the quiet voice inside. Hummm a little tune.  Breathe deep into body, focusing on the exhale.  Wait.  The angelic force field is arriving.

The PRACTICE:  Make it a wonderful joining of stability, Saturn, and surprise, Uranus.  Weave together known poses with curiously creative sequencing.  Sit and envision a new approach to your Practice, then go about setting up its structure.  It’s the best of Saturn with Uranus.  If we learn to use them on the mat, we can use them in life.

BIRTHDAY MARCHING ORDERS: You might spend this year leaping from outlandish outfits and ideas to old structure and fears.  You have a wonderful opportunity to grow more creative if you can harness the diametrically oppositional forces affecting your ego and identity.  It might be a year of great wisdom as you become the alchemist, weaving reform, new ideas, greater freedom, strong structure into an enlightened visionary force.

It’s a perfect time for a CONSULTATION to review the life you’ve lived, and the new one you are entering. Contact Samantha Cameron at Samcatcam@gmail.com.

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FEB. 10-18


The back of winter might be broken.
The timeless heart might hold salvation. 
Old cloth may glitter gold again.
Past love births new.
Deeper we go =where called.

  • What a great week for manifesting love…for manifesting anything.  Let’s spend it wisely.  What is wiser than the heart?
  • Under this profoundly Aquarian New Moon, become your most innovative, progressive, and visionary Self.  This is not a time to ho-hum-it.   It is a time to grow ‘en-lightened.’  Our choices are creating a different world.
  • The New Moon sits on the Fixed Star Sador.  AND she opens the Chinese New Year of the Metal Ox.  AND she leads from the old earth kingdom into the new air kingdom!
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Feb. 1-8


You are not a human being in search of a spiritual experience.  You are a spiritual being immersed in a human experience.”   Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

A Tiny STORY~Ghosts 

As a new month sets sail, Mercury carries us backward to review, remember, and re-connect. We inhabit a weird and wonderful Aquarian world where the unexpected knocks at every door, moves through dreams to shake open new realities, and offer higher vibrations in support of greater consciousness.  In this strange Covid-life, I feel haunted by the normal. Each day, I wake and realize ‘I’m not in Kansas anymore.’  What happens to old promises, old dreams, and paradigms?  As we re-invent, are they still important? What needs dusting off and renewal? Are broken dreams here to re-grow, or be buried?  Do I dance to old curses that knew my name, or turn to what cures me? Do I deny old selves, or offer solace and repair? We move among many ghosts providing moments of inspiration, shakedown, and weird convergence.  You decide who you want to be, how you wish to move forward, and who you choose to have in your lifeboat.  With February’s onslaught of Aquarian iconoclasm, one mantra I know I shall keep is: “Well behaved women rarely make history.”  Those in agreement, jump aboard! There is hope for all. And in our singular hope, lies hope for the world.


  • Make the most of alchemical curve balls provided this month: Moments of genius, spontaneous leaping, reinvention, predictability, and freedom. (Strong Aquarian playing field all month.)
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January 24 – 31


“The old skin has to be shed before the new one can come.”  

– Joseph Campbell


  • Hold the reset-joy and hope of the Aquarian, American Inauguration close to your heart. It is one of 2021’s great, and positive flashpoints, symbolizing Democracy in action, and a positive symbol of Mars in motion.
  • The first Full Moon of 2021, is on the 28th. It’s a fireball, connecting the Sun’s Aquarian energy, (along with Jupiter and Saturn) to a Moon in Leo. Olé!
  • Mercury prepares to Station backward, in Aquarius, on the 30th, loaded with some of the hot Full Moon energy. Back up everything!
  • Like 2020, the year’s template’s are downloading in the first month. Winds of change are blowing across the headland.  This year we break free, we hold on tight, we step forward, fall back, reel from positive to negative, past to future with no breath between.(Old man Saturn square Uranus-the higher mind.)


Major Martian activity has had us on fire since the assault on the Capitol, Jan. 6th. Mars was closing in on Uranus, ruler of mayhem, surprise, enlightened understanding, and unique events. You don’t know how Mars will play out, especially when connected to Uranus, but we always have a choice in how to use this fiery, fierce, committed energy.  On the 20th, he marched us up the high road where better angels replaced the fallen ones.  At the Inaugural, he supported self-confidence, right action, and courage. He could just as easily returned to the anger, rebellion, and selfish destruction of the 6th, a day of American infamy. Mars, along with Uranus, chaotic, high-minded rebel, now travels through placid, stubborn Taurus.  But don’t poke the bull!  The two great extremes between the assault on the Capitol and the Inauguration was a choice in how to react OR respond. 

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January 19, 2021


Across bone-white grass
The shadowed psyche steps out
Its garment’s torn.
Dreams, remembering what they have lived without,
Covered in the dark life,
Begin shaping the cold.
We have come so far.
Hapless wounds and careless words
Of who we were still echo. 
Yet, I believe.
I believe that given chance,
We meet our better Self.
We take in this Stranger
To break bread,
Knowing we have so far to go.
The time is now ~Pause the dance
For love rises unbidden
Seeking the un-forgiven,
Turning to the patient Stranger
Unfurling its wings.
Oh better angels, lift us skyward!