Weekly Astrology

Jan. 21-29


“We are all travelers on a cosmic journey…”   Paulo Coelho

We are all crazed travelers trying to understand and enter a new cosmic journey.  Stop!  Before you proceed to snort something silly.  You may be confused, but you are not alone. Out of the confusion form new answers. Perhaps an idea for the first step forward?  Stop and go within before dancing with a horse’s ass into the uncertainty of weird entanglements.  Venus and Mercury continue retrograde until the first days of February, making this an opportune ‘STOP- time’ to re-evaluate, re-configure, and really understand the value of what you wish of 2022.  This is especially true for any financial, friendship, love-related issues/Venus, as well as mental, and communication re-sets/Mercury.  Stop and perceive what and who you love, and what needs updating.  The energies of this time are intense, evocative, frustrating, and possibly empowering- if we are listening.  It is a time to BE, not DO!

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Jan. 11-19


This Sunday, at the Astro-Overview zoom session for Non-Astrologers,  I am informing you of everything you ever wished to know.  I am going to tell you to ‘open to what is.’  I shall remind you to listen to your heart as it knows far more than your brain, or I do.  Despite the unknown, particularly, this masked, deviously treacherous unknown, we shall prevail because there are three things we do know that will see us through.  1. We chop wood/carry water/take the next step. 2. We reach out to hold each other’s hands, virtually, energetically, imaginatively. 3. We never forget that joy is our birthright.

You are invited to learn the details of how to accomplish all this, as well as remember that you already know everything you need to.  You are the wizard.  I will be your gatekeeper for a brief moment, offering bites of wisdom served up with joyful zest that open 2022- life like a lotus opening petals to the Sun, the Alapadma Mudra, if you will.

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Jan. 3-9, 2022


Opening Energies of January ’22

How delicious to begin a month, never mind a year under the dark birth of a New Moon.  The Capricorn lunation on the 2nd invites us to codify, tabulate, organize, restructure, and goal-set 2022.   Capricorn, symbolically represented by a Mountain Goat, says ‘put your boots on,’ and begin the discipline of climbing up and beyond where you were.  It’s a perfect time to re-write your goals and ambitions, especially as Venus is now retrograde, swimming back into her ‘underworld’ until the 29th, moving emotion inward and backward, asking for re-assessment of what has meaning and value in our lives.  When she is reborn as ‘the warrior queen’ in her morning star robes on the 29th, we shall have gained insights on our seductive talents, and obsessions, as she is embraced by Pluto who demands we become deep regenerative divers in our resolutions to uncover what holds us back from loving more deeply, being passionate, especially about ourselves, and/or how we might re-calibrate difficult relationships, and asking if finances are in good shape? If not, then now is a great time to re-evaluate and regenerate transformative habits.

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Dec 31, 2021-Jan 5, 2022

 Threshold Grace

The plank is laid, the threshold waits

 Inviting birth of soulful extravagance,

One possessing radiance from quiet inward turning.

From luminous rest, I ready for combat

Against the ‘hollow men, 

The stuffed men of Elliot’s dead land,

His cactus land, in the valley of dying stars.’

I know one hundred songs

Come, join my sweet harmony!

Let us be mad poets, shaping ardent words together.

Step into the threshold dream

And partner me to wind-dance,

Never refusing the grace in this moment.

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Dec 17-26


Charles Dickens wrote beautifully and succinctly of his time in “Tale Of Two Cities.” “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness, … ..”  What the Dickens?  We’re back here again, and again, and…. as we head out under the final Full Moon of 2021.  Like the New Moon Eclipse in Sagittarius that set December’s energy palate, this lunation in the communicative polarity of Sagittarius/Gemini prods us to reconsider rules and value in how and what we think and communicate.  How consciously are we speaking to Self, and one another?  What ideas no longer serve, and obstruct, and how can we turn toward truth, embedded in light.

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Dec. 1-8

DECEMBER~Light the Candle, Pilgrim!

“Light the candle, Pilgrim!”

Winter slips into the lexicon

Reshaping dreams and fear

In closing days as colors disappear.

 Here, we wait the turning tide,

 With prayers of dross to gold

Faces lift to pale daylight,

Palms open and unfold

Surrendering what was, what might have been~

The sweet mystery of who we were.

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