Weekly Astrology

May 10-17


We have a summer of inner growth, release, and exploration ahead. Climb into the exquisite tree of life you wish to uncover, nurture, and expand~ Perfectecting & supporting your new life is the upcoming Shakti Yoga Dance Teacher Training starting in August. Email Samantha at samcatcam@gmail.com

At the threshold portal of summer, in the Northern Hemisphere, we are spring-loaded for sunny days and warm nights ahead.  We are hoping to move out from under Covid’s viral load and re-enter the world once again.  We are praying for a vacation, not a stayvaycay at home.  BUT as your Astrologer, I want to prepare you for a summer of inner renewal, where your biggest and best trip maybe climbing a tree to discover you! 

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April 22-May 1


The time is now!  Pause the dance

Let love rise unbidden

Seeking the un-forgiven.

Turn to the patient Stranger unfurling its wings.

Oh better angels, lift us skyward.

As steamy fires and weeping watery waves of April seek closure~ What have we learned? Where are we now? What do we dream of? Where are we going? How happy is the heart?  These are the important questions to ponder as we head toward the changes and chaos inherent in Eclipse season.  Since March, the cosmic skies have poured potent Pisces-then Aires momentum into our lives, creating opportunities for greater sharing, creativity, empathy, inspiration, confusion, loss, fire, and floods.  

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April 8-16


Let us find laughter where we may.  Let us float joyously in Piscean rivers in ‘Happy Baby Pose.’  Let us be endlessly silly with no regard for whose watching.  Let us be heart-immersed in love.  If not now~ WHEN?  Now is good as I remind you we are in the midst of a turbulent evolutionary transformation, where planetary forces as well as ‘solar space weather’ are creating massive changes affecting the earth, our nervous systems, and even our DNA and consciousness.  In the past month, Solar flares, and CME’s -coronal mass ejections have been very active.  There is reason you have been lost, tired, wired, distracted, and confused.  These highly charged flare-ups affect power grids, and pineal glands, which are our spiritual GPS.  Take a break, and know you are ‘upgrading.

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March 28- April 3

BEGIN THE BEGUINE~ Spring’s first New Moon.

We dance out of March madness into April’s magnetic magic, lifted on the point of an Arian spear at the New Moon on April Fool’s. The symbology within April’s first day offers spring-green growth, with opportunities to begin yet again, and write a new chapter in our book of life.  This last week of March is an invitation to consider what you wish to begin, to ask what seeds yearn planting, and what intentions demand development.  This Aires New Moon sets April’s agenda as a warrior, a go getter, and manifester.  It co-creates with the watery Pisces alignment of Jupiter and Neptune-perfecting on the 12th.   The cosmos is offering opportunity to bring dreams to life, to morph from physical to spiritual, and kick visions- like heat seeking missiles, into orbit.  April shall be the month of the ‘co-creators.’  Use Aires fire , blended with watery Pisces, and eventually earthy Taurus, to be heard and healed.

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March 16-23


When the world is upside-down, and destruction prevails, we seek meaning to assuage suffering.  We yearn for beauty to inform pain.  We beg to be transformed from existential meaninglessness.  That’s a tall order, but we are up to it if we stop long enough to shine a light on the darkness and find a measure of meaning from deep shadows of destruction.  This Full Moon in the Virgo/Pisces polarity offers hope and help.  On the 18th, the Moon in healing Virgo is extremely complex as it not only opposes the Sun in spiritual Pisces but is the handle of an Astrological bucket.  Imagine the Moon, symbol of emotions, mom, home, and the public standing alone facing a bucket-full of the other 9 planets!  Clearly un-balanced, yet ostensibly trying to pull off a Full Moon balancing act.  The practical Virgo Moon’s reflected brilliance is of a mentally-earthy, grounded nature.  Her opposing watery consort is in imaginative, spiritual Pisces, and is joined there by both rulers of Pisces, Jupiter, and Neptune., plus Mercury, Virgo’s ruling planet, and mentor of mental functioning.  This floods the Sun, our egos and identities, with a desire for ONEness, for intuitive knowing, and heart connection to others.  This also floods the world with refugees, cared for unselfishly by many others.  The Sun, considered yang, is far more feminine here. The Moon, seen as Yin, carries the more masculine directives. If you are confused, join the melee.  We are in a watery haven of confusion and oneness as the world teaches us that the only way we survive is to embrace one another.  As I wrote last week: “Thank you M Putin for being the great unifier.”

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March 9-16


She paused on the front step turning to lock the latch,
Smiling at the futility,
Her yearning pressed kisses on the door.
With her face full of the moon
She left the angel on watch
To turn into the bitter night,
Vibrating in sirens, lit only by mortar shell,
Her street filled with silent neighbors,
Hooded in fear.
Wrapped in all she owned
Slung in a bag across her back
She carried the cat in her arms,
Scratched and bloodied by fear.
Tears covered young moon-cheeks
As if her eyes had been pierced
So blood could flow over lips ripe in silent prayer
Of returning home.
She vowed a promise for all her life
To come back to where her soul might sing again.

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