Weekly Astrology

June 14-28


Wisdom Body Notes by Samantha Cameron, June 14-28

As we stand at the threshold of summer, what are the energies you wish to embody in the coming three months?  How have you grown since the beginning of this year?  Why have you changed, and what has it served?  Who enters the Solstice portal with hope?  Who with fears?  To enter one of the year’s four major crossroads, it’s wise to pause, take stock of the past in order to change the future.  It is the deep breath that pauses action, refreshes the mind and feeds intuition. 

On June 20th, the Astrologic energies turn from lively, mental, Gemini to enter sensitive, emotional Cancer, offering a conduit of understanding in how we might nurture the emotional body from what we have learned. The Summer Solstice marks a time of planting, with high hopes for a good harvest.  The question is, what are you planting?  What seeds of hope are you investing in?  Will your harvest truly nurture you, as well as others? Transforming is a life’s work that takes place in each moment of every day, from tiny, dedicated steps that consciously decide how best to be in the moment.  Helping this ‘choosy-wisdom’ is lovely 20-20 hindsight that provides a tablescape of insight from bad choices, courageous intentions, well-planned moves, and trashy adventures. To help our onward, upward trajectory, here’s a very brief review of June’s energies that may support better summer choices.

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June 1-10


To change one’s life: do it flamboyantly.  Start immediately.  No exceptions.”

William James

Wisdom Body Notes by Samantha Cameron for May 31-June 10

As we enter the high months of summer, our magical cosmos bestowed a gift from the great fixed star, Aldebaran who joined forces with the Sun May 30th. To those who have waited a long political-time for right resolution for a man who stokes insurrection, funds illegal financing, and promotes violence, we are indebted to Aldebaran whose energy captured ‘he who is illegal and ethically immoral.’ The fixed star Aldebaran is one of the four ‘Royal Stars’, or guardians of the galaxy.  In Persia 5,000 years ago, it was considered one of the most important stars in the sky, marking the fiery red eye of the Taurus Bull.  Called ‘Watcher of the East,’~ Al Dabaran, It marked the Vernal Equinox at that time.  The Arabs called it ‘The one who followed the Pleiades.’  The other three Royal Stars are Regulus, Antares, and Fomalhaut, each marking a Solstice or Equinox.

Through time, this great fixed star has carried strong but mixed energetic messages, from the integrous use of right will, steadfast eloquence and true courage, along with a charismatic ability to influence others, to its violence, anger, and desperado tactics of danger.  It is especially dangerous when the ambition of the ego outweighs the ethics.  It was considered the ‘leading star of stars, inflaming quarrels and injury as well as success, riches and honor.  Astronomically, its designation is Alpha Tauri, making it a ‘Bullish Star’ and therefore very physical, enhancing courage as well as intellectual vigour.  “When used well, it enhances trust, strength of will and determination.” Its ancient archetype was a ‘beacon fire’ guiding you to the right place. It therefore ‘illuminates the darkness.’  But if you make shortcuts, are careless, steal, or are unethical in using your power, Aldebaran takes you down.  “Right intention and right action are all important with this star.”  (Information from Roderick Kidston’s “The Magic of the Stars.)

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May 20-30


Gemini goats problem-solving to share food and fun! 

Wisdom Body Notes May 19-30 by Samantha Cameron year’s 

We rise from Taurus’ deep dive, morphing from body to brain as the Sun enters Gemini on the 20th. This year, the usual placid Taurus energies were highly elevated, disturbed, and loud so now we turn to question what is it all about, and how have we changed?  Gemini, sign of the twins, one light, one dark, previously symbolized by Castor and Pollux, offers opportunities to understand and use the large shifts and chaos we have experienced.  The Twins love to solve puzzles with odd yet gratifying answers.  It loves to work with others problem-solving to share answers.  We also have the assistance of the incoming Full Moon in Sagittarius on the 23rd to open the minds ever wider to an expansive expression of the transformative process we are undergoing.

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May 1-10

MAY  DREAMS HERSELF~Astrological Energies beginning of May

Wisdom Body Notes for May 1-10, by Samantha Cameron

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April 15-22


“The greatest thing in the world is to know how to be one’s own self.”   Montaigne

Wisdom Body Notes for April 15-22 by Samantha Cameron

The month of April holds the major energetic highlights of 2024, and they are all about becoming our unique selves, consciously expanding a wave we are already surfing.  The great American Eclipse rattled the cage for surrender and change of self and country.  Its energies offered the opportunity to step into a higher-level warrior role, be it spiritual or power-based.  It also brought humanity to its knees in giving many Stateside a once-in-a-lifetime understanding of our world without the sun. It has shaken, not stirred electromagnetic fields, and nervous systems, destabilizing bodies, leaving us spaced out and limp.  There has also been increased mental confusion, along with transportation troubles, and wonky tech issues, all associated with a Mercury Retrograde.   Thanks to ‘the mind of Mercury being embraced by the eclipse, disruptions have been especially ‘elevated.’  During Mercury’s retrograde period, (4/1-4/25) it’s more important than ever to quiet the mind and listen to intuition, especially as we have an extraordinary opportunity to feel it grow!

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April 1-8


Great artists do not recreate the past or plan for the future.  They freely trust their immediate expression.”  Julian Barbour

Wisdom Body Notes for April 1- 8 by Samantha Cameron

It is very important that we remember ~we chose to incarnate at this time to be in witness to the death of an old-world order.   Think how grateful you felt not to be on the Francis Scott Key, Baltimore bridge as it went down.  You were ‘in witness’ to its destruction.  Going further back, remember the burning of Notre Dame.  Both these enormous structures might be considered symbols of a past that needs re-constructing and revitalizing.  Our job is to be present so we might be ‘in witness’ to the vast dismantling of what was known, even loved, and now be willing to expand into greater consciousness, swimming toward a new world order.  April holds all the shake/bake and shatter of transformative energies we need to keep our heads just above water as we join the fast-flowing cosmic transmissions of change.

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