Weekly Astrology

Sept 5-12

Fish Tales of the HARVEST MOON 

Note that under this Harvest Moon you can now read your Astrology in French, Spanish, or Urdu.  Go to the very bottom of Daily Breath Journal and find the ‘language button that says ‘English’. Hit that to find the language of your dreams. https://dailybreathjournal.com/:

As we dance into September, we are welcomed by the magical Harvest Full Moon on the 10th. Its beautiful light is bound to shed wider information on Mercury’s three weeks of Retrograde that begins on the 9th.  Despite the Moon’s luminous vibration, and the need to move forward, energetically we are in review, and inner reset as six of the 10 planets are Retrograde. This suits the Moon’s vibration as it is gliding through Pisces, a sign known for its inner spiritual sustenance, creativity, and confusion.  It faces the Sun in Virgo, the goddess of grain, fertility, and harvest.  Her task is to bring the divine to earth and infuse the practical with perfection.  Both Sun and Moon T-square Mars in Gemini, who badly wants to stir things up and break free.  These three planets, plus Venus now in Virgo and Neptune, ruler of the Pisces Moon, in Pisces, are all in mutable signs, whose ancient term was “double-bodied,” reflecting their mixed nature, along with their fluidity and adaptability.  They deal with intelligence and understanding.

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August 24-30


The careful and conscientious Virgo New Moon of August 27th contains much more than the usual precise and pristine practices that Virgo loves.  We are in more Virgo than usual as the Sun moved into Virgo Monday, asking for tune-up, fix-up, clean-up.  Mercury, the ruler of Virgo, has been in this hometown sign since August 5, only moving into Libra under the dark of his lunation.  It is a far spicier New Moon than detail-oriented Virgo prefers as Sun and Moon perfectly square willful Mars, bringing a force-field of hidden powers and greater commitment to any new decisions and calls to action.

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August 18-22


In a summer that has galvanized big jive ass reaction and response, we finally have a few delicious days of true blue summer fun.  Unroll your sleeves, take off your shoes, and dance into laughter with friends   It is a true Venus trine Jupiter time.  This means love and appreciation ten-X.  Fill your empty cup with imaginal waters of self-esteem and creative juices.  Swami Byondandanda said, “When things come to a head, head for the heart.” God knows we’ve had enough headwinds and head-on collisions to need all the extra heart we can find. It’s yours to have and hold right now!

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August 10-18



Have you felt internal heat rising with the political/social heat, never mind all time excessive temperatures?  If so, you are cosmically aligned with the extreme charge encoded in the past three Super Moons- Since June 14th.  Super Moons take place when the Moon is closest to earth, perigee, affecting tides, tectonic plates, electromagnetic fields, and the body’s nervous system.  This 4th Super Moon in Aquarius, on the 11th, is a culmination, possibly a closure of summer’s high intensity.  You may find that something you began back in June is nearing the end of its journey, or you are facing a decision you have been mulling, and now need to pull the trigger.  Full Moons release us, and focus light on finding better answers to old problems.  Super Full Moons tend to bring ‘super awareness, revealing what steps are now available to a higher vibration.

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August 2-10


Are you surrendering to the sweet dog days of summer?  Are you swimming in halcyon nights under meteor showers and the Milky Way? Are you using August as a tender time to be still, and listen to your inner wisdom?  I hope so!  We need a stable happy place within to withstand August’s tumultuous, rebellious energies of anarchy and zeal. If you’re dancing with the Cosmos, your steps are one forward, two back, kick it left, then left again before leaping into big forward plans.  2022 opened at full speed with all planets in direct go-mode. As we enter August, five of the ten planets are Retrograde, with Uranus, the great visionary sky god preparing to slow and reverse at the end of August.  We enter Fall in full ‘fallback’ mode, especially when Mercury takes its third Retrograde pass, 9/9-10/2.  Despite present planetary extremes, surprises, and breakthroughs that need careful composition, taking introspective time is critical.  With the helter-skelter heat infusing this month, especially August’s first two weeks of the Mars/Uranus/North Node tango, (See last week’s newsletter for information on their energies: https://dailybreathjournal.com/astro/this-dance-wants-to-be-light/ ) you want to move to a slower, steady Taurus-rhythm to withstand surprises and extremes. 

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July 25-Aug 3


This dance wants to be light.

Emerging from nothing

But dark waters of desire,

Phosphorous surf and luminous moonlight.

It moves to meet itself

On rocky shoals and wet grasses,

In glimmering tidal pools

Filled with rinse off the sea.

Oh joy!

Untethered light-body

Dance on across sands of time.

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