Weekly Astrology

June 20-27


“Creation is about discovery, and discovery indicates something was found, and if found, that it already existed.  What already exists within us is our perfection.”

                                                                   Alonso King~ choreographer

Each Solstice and Equinox is a threshold.  As the Sun moves into Cancer, we open Summer’s door, and set up a birth chart which reveals energies of the three months ahead.  Since today is magical, mystical, very emotional, confusing, and full of ‘look back- re-evaluation.   Expect June, July and August in the Northern Hemisphere to swim in these waters.  We have crossed this threshold many times, yet each crossing is new.  Many long for the ‘old normal,’ but more than ever our job is to create, discover, and find a new normal, possibly from pieces that existed before, but with an entirely new GPS, and a creative genius all its own.

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June 10-18

FUNDING GRACE~ Eclipsed New Moon Re-set

“Everything you blame, you’re stuck with. 

Bless it.  Wish it well.  Wish it its own freedom,

and it will be very powerful in the way that it will not come back to you.

If you don’t forgive it, if you don’t bless it, if you don’t wish it well,

The energy will just be magnetically drawn back to you

Because it is looking for resolution.

All negative energy that we’ve inherited,

It’s there because it’s looking for resolution.”


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June 1-8


What a convergence Memorial Day holds! It is a mundane, well-loved traditional symbol amidst unseen, powerful planetary-vibrations of memory.  Mercury, Retrograde, like Memorial Day, asks we look back and look within to use memory as a refined tool to fund future gold. Memory is fashioned and forged in shadowed truths from the past.  Mercury rules the mind and whenever retrograde, we re-visit ideas and stories of the past. In order to recalibrate a better future.  We re-consider what memories to save, and in what form they need to be preserved. Who did we love?  How did we love them? How were we shaped by them? How might we integrate the past into new elements?

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May 24—31.



Having trouble facing more change? Confused by gas-lit information?  Anxious about the mindfield of losing friendships over Vax and mask participation?  Let someone hug you before moving into the big shifts and clearing out of Wednesday’s Super Blood Moon Eclipse….nevermind the added confusion of  the upcoming Mercury ‘walk about’ as it Retrogrades on the 29, in Gemini, a sign it rules!.  Both these events, plus the Saturn Retrograde in Aquarius are all about the la la land of mental-masterbation,  We are being called to  understand, think, and visualize through cracks of greater light. As Eclipses are karmic nature, we are to see  the ‘big picture,’ and the power of our beliefs. The Eclipsed ‘Super Blood Moon is in Sagittarius, sign of the philosophical higher mind where we learn to trust, perceive higher intentions, and question authority.  It’s a week to have our wits about us, and be willing to let some of that wit be blown to the wind.

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May 16-25


As the late John Lewis said, “Let’s make some Good Trouble!”  A great saying from a great human being!  Its breadth of meaning and innuendo offer energy layers we can use and re-apply to pick up his baton of truths to goad ‘good trouble.’  The time is ready and ripe to invest and reinvent shared goals, to be curious and explore, and to be flexible in the face of the unexpected.  We have a zeitgeist of planetary shifts supporting a re-think of expansion and exchange to support self and one another.  Pull the boat over before moving on and ask, did it work before? How can I re-invent and make it more viable, inclusive, and healing?  We swim in a plethora of bigger fish, bigger changes, and mountains of tech-molehills, along with unknown Vax-re-entry decisions.  Our Taurus-bodies, which want only to eat cake and be massaged, are jangled and exhausted.

Taurus-bodies, which want only to eat cake and be massaged, are jangled and exhausted. Despite feeling emotionally ‘spring-loaded’ for change, we must first cultivate patience.  To resolve the un-resolvable, intractable and unworkable, planetary retrogrades ask us to hit the pause button, turn inward, and spend time with imagination and intuition in order to re-consider and re-format old structures with new strategy.

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May 7-16


We are digging, moving, shifting, and changing the order of our Taurus Earth.  She is the Great Mother ~Gaia.  From her comes our first nurturing, our primary lessons.  The human mother has learned and listened to her instructions from ancient time.  Once again, it’s time to hold ears to the ground and listen to her voice.  The upcoming Taurus New Moon, on the 11th, is prime time to assess all manner of earthy, pragmatic, nurturing, body-centric, financial, relationship, and the oh so important bottom line of what do you need to do to believe in your self-worth?  What is going to add value to your life, and those you love?  That is a Taurus signature query.

We root in Taurus riches until April 20th, when the Sun moves into airy, chatty Gemini.  Until then, till your soil.  Take advantage of a Venus rulership, where the desire is not only to make everything more beautiful and sensuous but add value to all we do and be.  Taurus is not just financed.  She is associated with ‘riches’ such as a vibrant body, good friendships, a haven of home, the security needed to feel safe.  So much of what we knew as normal and safe has been taken from so many.  We are re-entering a new normal where we still desire the same old life ingredients, but how do we create them with fresh perspectives?  How do we use them from a different construct?  Use the inner reflective time around this New Moon to re-master higher intention. (Consider donating some of your great ‘riches’ to the Indian people.  See class opportunities below.)

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