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Shakti Yoga Dance Virtual Teacher Training

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  • Dates: October 17th through December 12th
  • Time: 9 am-12:30 pm est
    2 pm – 5:30 pm UK
    3 pm – 6:30 pm Spain
    4 pm – 7:30 pm Australia
    (Yes! You can miss a session, using the weekly iCloud recording to catch up.)
  • Cost: $500.00 / 406.96 E for 40 hours of instruction. 
    $450/ 365.37E if you prepay before Oct 1.
    $50.00 / /40.60 E for individual 3.5 hour workshop.

Included in the fees: Free weekly Vinyasa class recordings, each original dance you learn is sent as a recording for you to keep, an astrological overview of your natal chart, as I am a professional Astrologer, personal mentorship in creating your own choreographies.

Discover the beautiful truth of who you are through nine virtual celebrations – Sundays. As our world shape-shifts, the challenge is to make a tangible nurturing, spiritual change. In caring for Self, we care for others, creating small shifts transforming the planet.  One of the most difficult AND most important jobs is to keep the joy alive. Dance, song, Yoga, and spirit-community enliven and lift our vibration. This training adds mindful depth and subtle integration to physical, mental, and emotional layers in your Practice. In turn, you offer your students subtle layers of joy, mindfulness, and healing.

If you are not interested in certification, You may still attend the training, or take individual sessions, earning CEU hours.  You must be at a Yoga II/intermediate level.  No dance training is required, but it’s a nice addition.


  • Growing the talent to creatively connect Asanas into dances.
  •  Focusing breath more deeply, and specifically into the body for healing.
  •  Weaving music, poetry, and breath to emotionally generate movement.
  • Growing a heightened awareness of ‘Emotional Intelligence’ within the physical body, AND listening to the body inform Emotional Intelligence.
  • Learning to incorporate energies embodied in the Shakti Goddesses, along with mudras, and mantra, which then form original choreography.
  • Listening to your spiritual voice grow louder.


• Through 9 weeks of study, plus two Sunday sessions of sharing your final choreographies, you learn not only a series of unique dances but begin to understand and utilize the rich layering each dance embodies. You are given a deep-diving toolbox to expand your imagination and create your own work.
• Cultivating an ability to layer and refine movement.
• Experiencing the excitement of unusual sequencing which teaches the body how to move through the chaos in life.
• Exploring core essentials that make unusual, or improvisational moves possible. You learn the use of bandhas and pranayama throughout every session.
• Developing an ability to balance masculine/feminine, stillness and movement, gravity and lift off.
• Elevating mind/body awareness by integrating mental tools of a Yoga Practice with the emotion of the dance.
• Learning the divine energies embedded within Shakti Goddesses, and using their wisdom as a reference to enhance your choreographies and your life.
• Growing a light body that supports wringing out the weight of the past.
• Refining respect of the body’s innate intelligence.
• Learning to bring it all together. creating alchemical moments of joy!
• Become part of an international, collaborative Shakti Sisterhood.

To learn more or to participate as part of Shakti Yoga Dance Teacher’s Certification, please visit >>



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    Zelle: Samantha Cameron
    Check: Samantha Cameron, 1 Edson Rd. Natick,  MA  01760


    VIRTUALLY WITH YOU! Zoom is not as wonderful as in person. BUT it offers the opportunity to bring us together to share hearts and minds around the world. Until further notice, let us discover magic in being with inner self in a virtual outer world.  The power of the Practice is yours to create… wherever and whoever you are. As always, thank you for being with me in the ethers.  I love seeing your beautiful faces in the gallery, knowing we take the mat together, despite separation. 


    Zelle: Samantha Cameron
    Check: Samantha Cameron, 1 Edson Rd. Natick,  MA  01760

    Vinyasa Flow (Intermediate)

    Saturdays 9:00-10:30 am est
    Classes focus on creating deep inner connections to the subtle body to stand us strong to carry on.  Following lunar/Solar cycles each month, allows the body to grow comfortable with the dark interior gentleness of New Moon Yin energy, in slower stretches, and mindful stillness.  Heading toward a Yang Full Moon, classes are more physically demanding, working the connected mindfulness of muscle, bone, and connective tissue.  Pranayama, poetry, and mudra are part of class to beckon the higher consciousness of our ‘Emotional Intelligence’.  The body grows joyous in its pliability, stamina, and emotional resilience. 

    Vinyasa Flow (All Levels)

    Wednesdays 5:15-6:30 am est
    Laughing Dog Yoga
    You must register with the studio prior to class.
    This class, like the Saturday class, works with off the lunation cycles, making breath – boss, and the body our teacher.  We listen to what is needed through short meditation, and stillness, and learn from the provocative use of sequencing to effectively move forward on the mat, translating that to life.  Indeed, the mat is our magic carpet, carrying us toward greater freedom, peace, and joy.

    Pilates (All Levels)

    Thursdays 8:30-9:30 am est
    Classic Pilates is mixed with stretches for supple strength.  The spine and abdominals are connected through breath and movement to support one another.  This is especially important as an antidote for the great amount of sitting before a computer we now do.  The body rebounds resurrects and renews itself.  Plus we laugh a lot, to strengthen the abs, of course

    Many of the classes are posted to my YouTube Channel: Samantha Cameron Yoga Instructor, they are listed under ‘In Class Playlist.’ Enjoy, and please post a message when you take a class.  Thanks!

    december 2021

    wed08dec5:15 pm75 Minute All level Vinyasa Flow5:15 pm

    thu09dec8:30 amPilates8:30 am

    sat11dec9:00 am90 Minute Deep Flow Vinyasa9:00 am

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    Yoga & Pilates Classes, Meditations & Blessings, Current Astrology, and a like-minded community.

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